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I get those calls too. Funny, because I don't have an Amazon account. All those calls are bogus. I got one supposedly from Apple last year. I have a lot of Apple products and have been a customer of theirs for 12 years so I know they NEVER call you with a "suspicious activity" or computer virus scam. There are people out there who try any and everthing to get gullible people to either buy their products or to divulge their personal information. You have to really look out for yourself.

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No phone call, but yesterday I got an email that looked like other emails we get from Amazon. I was in a hurry when I read it. I saw a very expensive camera. I found DH and asked him if he ordered it; he just laughed. THEN I noticed the shipping address, which was different from ours. Right there in the email was a number to call to make changes or cancel. Again, not paying attention, I dialed the number. The person who answered asked me for the order number and I gave it to him. Then I heard laughter. When numbers started flashing across my phone I hung up. The first thing I did was check my Amazon orders. The order wasn't there. Then I changed my user name and password. I called our bank, but because of the pandemic heard a recording- AFTER going through the other prompts. So I did some research. Amazon has an address to contact them for things like this, and they want you to attach the fraudulent email. I had deleted it, but it was still in my trash folder, so I attached it. Their site also says your email will be acknowledged when received, but probably not answered. I heard back shortly. They acknowledged the email and said they were forwarding it to their security department. They also said since I hadn't given any personal information, I probably would be OK. I will be very careful to check the sender's address in the future! Smiley Frustrated

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A friend got an email claiming they couldn't process his monthly payment for Netflix...there was a problem with his bank/credit card and needed him to contact them to confirm his credit card information....he immediately contacted the credit card company who then contacted Netflix...they were on a three way telephone conversation it was confirmed to be Phishing.....Netflix asked the email be forwarded to them....

these Phishing experts are so good and making it appear legitimate....very aware of fraudulent phone calls and emails....