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Amazon Amazing

Immediate refund on card from Amazon today. I emailed them about a dislike on a couple videos and got an answer within the hour an d a refund shortly within the hour to my card. Takes the Q two weeks plus. I returned an item to the Q December 22 and still waiting for refund. I am so tired of the Q and will look on Amazon when I buy. I usually don,t have to pay for shipping and more times than not, tax .
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Re: Amazon Amazing

Good for you re: your experience with Amazon. Most times when you factor in the free shipping, Amazon's prices are very competitive with QVC's. Plus it ships faster and customer service is super responsive at amazon.

QVC better watch out or Amazon is going to eat their lunch.

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Re: Amazon Amazing

I ordered a large pump bottle of foot cream which arrived with the cream all over the box. I emailed them and five minutes later I had a reply! They said they were issuing a refund and they didn't want to inconvenience me so I didn't need to send it back. That is customer service!!!! I love Amazon!

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Re: Amazon Amazing

Amazon is awesome! I have absolutely nothing bad to say about them, and I've been shopping with them since they were books only in the 90s.

Every year, I think of an awesome gift for my Dad but it's close to whatever occasion. The stores, both brick and mortar and their online counterparts, are sold out. Amazon comes through every time with a cheaper price and free shipping.

The only thing I buy from QVC is Wen. While is my main source, QVC has items that they don't. Unless it's on sale, I will buy Wen from trusted sellers on Amazon and eBay.

QVC is truly a last resort for me. However, many people, for whatever reason, pay their high prices and shipping so they don't have to change.

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Re: Amazon Amazing

Amazon really is amazing! I find I shop there more and more -- and with QVC less and less.

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Re: Amazon Amazing

I love Amazon too! You can buy almost anything there, usually with free shipping, very competitive prices, and fast service. My kind of place!