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Am I missing something on Halo Bolt Flashlight

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Jane just presented the Halo Bolt Flashlight, Item E234406, Sale price of $79.96, no reviews or rating.


Item E233882, Halo Bolt  Flashlight, $97.00, 3 star rating, more 1 star than 5 stars.


This is the same item.  They changed the Item # to remove the bad rating. 


This is so wrong in so many ways.


Halo Bolt Flashlight and Car Jump Starter w/ Portable Power
HALO Bolt Flashlight & Car Jump Starter with Portable Power
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Re: Am I missing something on Halo Bolt Flashlight

 Last yr , I bought two  JumpSmart -jump starter & flashlight  for gifts abt $79-$89   by Limitless Innovations .The rosegold   worked fine but the silver one had  problems. 

At first I had it confused with Halo Flashlight jumpstarter . There are two companies who sell  flashlight jumpstarter on QVC . After contacting QVC   with no help . Then I conatcted  the Limitless Co  who did rectify the  situation with the one that did not work properly .


 I have another product  which is a  Halo  charger and  it works fine.