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@KCDiva  I  bought the  2lb shrimp also and agreed it was the best shrimp I have ever bought! Sadly, went back twice and no shrimp. 

I have the time to shop so I go to Aldi's for fresh produce, cheese, eggs,  and snacks. Aldi prices are much lower. The Fresh Market is across the street so I go there for &2.99 chicken breasts and ground chuck special on Tuesday.


But, shop Publix for everything else.


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I think of all the Aldi's I've been to (3 in different states), they may tend to look "dirty" because there is not the super bright lighting like in grocery stores and also there are very small isles. 

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@jst4jan, I love Aldi's and hope you will give it a try.

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Love it. Best prices I have found anywhere. Though they have raised prices like everyone else, they are STILL cheaper by HALF when it comes to Publix or other big chain grocery stores. (Walmart is more expensive as well but not as much and occasionally, the same price as Aldi).


First choice for fresh produce, milk, yogurt, bacon,  bread, canned veggies,  flour, sugar, pasta, honey, detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, chips, crackers,  cheese, hamburger patties, frozen veggies, thin pork chops, seasoned pork tenderloin and fresh chicken.


98% of my food purchases are made at Aldi.

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I could take or leave Aldi.  Some of the prices are lower (on their own brands) and some are higher than my normal grocery store.  You really have to watch price compared to size too.  Sometimes the price is cheaper but the size/weight is lower so it's really not a bargain.  Any name brand items they carry are not a bargain.


They have excellant cheeses, hummus and chocolate and they are generally much cheaper.  I also typically buy strip steaks from there for camping and they have always been very good.  Any chicken I've bought is rubbery though, no matter how I cook it.  That's a pass for me.  

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I used to like Aldi's. We had a nice store then a year ago or so they moved

to another location. I don't go every week because their prices are nothing

special and mostly generic. My favorite thing there is probably a huge jar of

pickles. At Christmas time I found some decor as there is more there than

just food. It is hit and miss with me but people fill their carts sky high and

usually one cashier. Don't forget your quarter for the carts and take your

own bags.

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I always bought snacks for the students I had. I went to ALDIs and they ate none of it. Went back to Walmart brand. Never returned to ALDIs

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@4kitties   I eat cereal 6 mornings/week -  Aldi's Crispy Oats, Publix Shredded Wheat, or Quaker 5 minute oatmeal.  All no sugar until I add it -  usually just the sugar in fruit or skim milk.  

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Love Aldi's, their meat is pretty good but their chocolate is the best as good as Lindt at half the cost most of it is from Germany. They also have fire roasted diced tomatoes that most big supermarkets don't carry. Salads are also good. All around I like the store and shop there often, good luck, try it I think you"ll be pleasantly surprised!

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Small, cheap and good! 
  Take your own bags.