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Why isn’t Alberti listed on Host page anymore?
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He is listed, actually Alberti's photographe is the first one to be discplayed.

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He's the first person showing on the host page.

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@jynx78  Those hosts are listed in alphabetical order by first name. Alberti, A, so he is first.

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Alberti is such a cutie, and I've enjoyed every segment I've seen him host. I've especially liked it when he and Elise Ivy, another gorgeous young pro, have teamed on a beauty presentation. I guess those days are gone for now.

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Team Alberti !    Heart

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First one on my page, too.

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Scared me, yup he is there first one.  

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He hasn't been on my page for days! I was worried that he was gone!

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He can be a little annoying when he presents food items. Everything is out of this world. I know he has to sell, but sometimes he goes overboard. Stop trying so hard!