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@lovemygrands wrote:

@Boomernichols This was posted earlier this a.m. 

@lovemygrands  - It was posted in another forum.  How was @Boomernichols  supposed to know?  I'm glad she started this thread and so are many other posters. 

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My dear late Father in Law had it. Don’t think they even treated it. He did not not die from it.
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Just heard on Inside Edition that Al Roker, the weatherman from the Today show was diagnosed with prostrate cancer.  He said it was discovered in a routine exam.  Please people, do not be lax on keeping yourselves happy and healthy with dr visits!!!!!!!

@Boomernichols  After a certain age, and I do not recall what, the ACA does not pay for routine PSAs so, Ladies, remind your husbands and significant others that they need it, even if the payment has to come out of their pockets.  Prostate cancer, caught in time, is pretty curable so that makes it even more important that every man get a prostate exam and a PSA annually, and like I said, even if you have to pay for it out of your pocket. It's less expensive than the scare, the disability, surgery, the chemo, radiation, gold implants, etc.