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These are my thoughts on space exploration. With the belief that we are not the only ones in this vast universe,we seek out other planets or worlds. Who knows what we may find. Maybe one day this planet will be so over crowded that people will live on other planets .We have barely started exploring, think of the earlier explorations of just this planet. I think it will be ever so exciting .If no other type of life is found,people will still want to live on other planets. People now would be willing to go to Mars.

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@Jackhound Mom wrote:

Hello Everyone,

I'm glad to find a nice, positive thread!  I am a military wife and daughter of an Army Air Core pilot so please give me your sincere answers, thanks in advance.

What wiill be the benifical outcome from these missions?  I really don't understand and would love your answers.  

My neighbor & I have written each other about it (her DH is ex Air Force) and she could not give me an answer.  Is it simply to be ahead of other countries?  

Signing off with much respect to all.




@Jackhound Mom 


The ultimate goal is to someday put human beings on Mars, and having a reusable rocket is the first step in getting there.

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@Anonymous032819Thank you for your thoughtful answer.  I have always wondered if we would possably bring back dangerous virus or bacteria from other planets or outer space.

Also, with respect to someday possably traveling or living on another planet.  My hope would be to put that budget tward fixing problems here on our planet first. JMHO I value everyone's views and I thank you for your answers.

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I have a general idea about why we go into space. First to maintain our world power status and also to glamorize research so public is behind it (feel they get their money's worth.  The most important thing is scientific research and we get many by products (new technical innovations that (hopefully) that will filter down to become products we will buy.  Unfortunately, the only products that come to mind are Mylar and Tang ( there are many).

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The reasons stated do not sway my attitude but I respect them.  For me, I would take the space budget and apply it to our nation's homeless & hunger problems first  Again just my own 2 cents worth.  Blessings to all Cat Very Happy

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We have plenty of $ for both space science and social services.  We just need to tax the rich--the really rich.