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Just saw David with red suit  Harry ... Great job David!!! I

must say he was great with Harry!!!!Harry wasn't as talkative as he was with Jane but than he must be tired after the TSV day.  I thought Jane and Harry were very entertaining because they have known one another for years.

Ihad no idea Harry is married to the Nest perfume lady! Wow but I can see them together cause they are both fancy.   I really liked Harry's returning spirit & I like that overly

sophisticated  Nest lady too. I agree some hosts today did not mix with Harry at all!!!! Esp Amy . Lol! 

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Not likely to find Slatkin candles anywhere else for a long while; he & hosts have mentioned he is "exclusive" to QVC. For how long, who knows? But his candles have a wonderful fragrance and "throw", so I'm glad to see him back. (Some of his candles I can burn in one room and get nice whiffs  30-40' away!)

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His candles are w wonderful.  So are his plugins.  After he left BBW, the clerks would say they are still his candles with their labels.  I always burn BBW candles and love them.  I ordered two of Harry's, so again waiting for difference.

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@qvcaddition wrote:

A disaster.  He will not let her speak and it sounded like she was getting frustrated.  They are both talking at the same time.  He is tAlking like he is on speed.

All I could think about Harry was his life is totally centered on him and his brand.


That, in itself, kept me from ordering Winter Wonderland. The other scents sounded nauseating.

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I couldn't watch him for more than 20min. He is as bad as Susan Graver!!!!

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I didn't watch the show so I can't comment on whether they were a disaster or not but I was flipping through and saw him. Holy tan man. I hope that is a spray on. 


I have never tried Slatkin candles. How are they? I currently use Seda candles, Cire Trudon, Diptyque which are the most fragrant candles I have ever come across and I have used many brands.I just purchased a Jo Malone candle I have been hearing so much about (orange blossom).  I am not into Yankee Candles at all so I wouldn't be looking for something similar to that.  Most of the candles I get you don't even need to light them to fragrance a room. They are a bit more expensive but they have so many essential oils in them and just seem to be higher quality. They are limited in the scents they have and they don't have fall scents that I love. I would be interested in hearing the quality. Do they scent a room without being lit? How do they burn? TIA!

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I tried to watch HS with several hosts and it was the same show with each one so I gave up. I think Harry is used to being the star and that's just his personality. His wife is so charmining and lovely, such a lady. God bless her. I did buy his TSV though.

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I lòve Harry's candles....he had an elegant store on Madison Avenue many years ago.  Harry and his wife have long been members of the "New York Elite".  In the past, they had been at all the important charity events and are quite generous.  I remember seeing his elegant Town House in pictures and I think he sold it at a phenomenal price.  He is a bit hyper but I like him.