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ALEXA Amazon Echo Presentations

I already own an Echo, a Dot and a Tap. During all the presentations today on Q, Brett Hamilton explained how you can get music to play everywhere from each device without having to manually do it on all of them. Does anyone know how to get this to work? Mine keeps telling me she can't play everywhere. 


Also how does the intercom feature work like they demonstrated? I wish Brett or the hosts would specify these things. It's kinda frustrating to hear all the new cool things Alexa can do and then not be able to do them when we try it. 

If I'm not mistaken, Brett said these 2 features are not with a skill and Alexa just does them when you ask. 


Thank you in advance for your help. 

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Re: ALEXA Amazon Echo Presentations

Following, also interested.

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Re: ALEXA Amazon Echo Presentations

@iTalia  I'm not the most techie, but I might be able to help with your questions.


i have echos in the master bedroom, living room and another bedroom.  If I am in the master and want to talk to someone I'm the other bedroom I say, Alexa, drop in on "name of other of device."  I don't think this took anything extra in settings.  You'd do have to use a command to end the conversation.  It's either goodbye or end.  


Recently I received an e-mail from Amazon about the multi-room music, but haven't set it up yet.  It is in your Echo Settings and should be labeled multi-room music.  


Hope this pounts you in the right direction.  I agree that I wish they would give better instructions in the demonstration.  I hate getting something and then having to work to get it to do all the supposedly easy functions!





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Re: ALEXA Amazon Echo Presentations

I have the dot and cannot link it to t-link kasa I gave up. It asks my password for t-link I don't know what I used. I will probably have to pay to get this done so I just use the t-link  Separately. Very frustrating. Is always "very easy to do"