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Re: A question about British monarchy

They are all just a figurehead. They do not do anything. Just pose for the camera. I do not get why you are all so obsessed with these people. The British people sure are not.

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Re: A question about British monarchy

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I personally would like to see the whole monarchy abolished, as well as many Brits who believe the Parliament is sufficient to rule.  I understand the Queen is necessary in order to measure the distance between the dinner plate vs. the utensils prior to an official dinner. 


Do the Brits care if any of our President's daughters are having a baby, flying to Africa, or is donning the latest fashion?   No.   

The tourism $$ for that country has a lot to with Royalty still in existence @seaBreeze.  Lot of jobs and ect...... for their economy.

Thank you. I was just going to say the same thing, and when asked about it, most of the Brits are staunchly behind tradition. They want their royalty. I think more of the resistance comes from Scotland, but that's not surprising.

Possibly, but my late MIL was a WWII war bride from Scotland.  She came to the states with her first child 6 months in age alone, since my FIL was still a pilot fighting in the war.  To her dying day she loved her new country but never changed her citizenship so that she would always be a British subject.  She and her family loved the royalty and pomp and pageantry.  She was quite shocked when she came to Texas in the early 40's from Scotland and found dust and dirt and not streets of gold @RainCityWoman.  We joked with her constantly about finding ranch life with new in laws and without a husband at her side for a couple of years.

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Re: A question about British monarchy

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To some extent, I get the 'advantages' to the royalty business for the UK, but I'm not really sure what the Commonwealth Nations get out of it... Most of them are so far removed from the royals it makes little sense to me for them to continue to participate in the illusion... I wonder what they have to gain by continuing to recognize the royal family as their own...

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