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@ninjawife  " Manhattan DA's office as an adviser for crimes related to antiquities trafficing."

A few years ago, I remember watching American Greed on art theft regarding art auctions in NYC.  The Manhattan PD Art fraud unit was profiled.  If I am not mistaken, Manhattan has the only police department dedicated soly to art fraud & antiquities trafficing in the country if not the world.


Wishing your daughter "good luck!"

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What an opportunity for this young lady.  An intersting position and a proud mother.  I wish her the best of luck.

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@Mz iMac Yes, I loved that epi of Greed.  The FBI seemed to have quite a unit in that area of crime.


@ninjawife Would the Brits hire your daughter?













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@ninjawife wrote:

My daughter will be getting her master's in heritage studies from Cambridge University  this summer and after applying to 20+ jobs she got an interview with the Manhattan DA's office as an adviser for crimes related to antiquities trafficing.  It has been a struggle for her to get an interview since many museums are not operating and this would be her dream job.  Even if she doesn't get it she is happy to get some interview experience. 


You must be very proud of her! Congratulations to your daughter. Thoughts and prayers for her to get the job.

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Congratulations to your daughter!  

Wishing her good luck on her upcoming interview.  Even though it is not exactly the job she wants, it's still an opportunity for her to learn.  And it would look great on her resume!


Fingers crossed for her.