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It was my favorite book of 2018!

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That title would not have caught my attention.

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I LOVED that book, the writer was able to capture me right into the characters and I felt like I was there in the water, with her birds. It is a great book,this coming from a phsychological thriller reader.

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One of my favorites, too.  Highly recommend it.

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@coconut1818 wrote:

I just finished "Where the Crawdads Sing" by Delia Owens and I loved it!  Had a hard time putting it down and finished it in about 24 hours.  I ordered it from my local library and got the large print.  I live in a town of 200 people and our library will borrow from the larger libraries which enhances your chance of finding what you want.    


Hi, @coconut1818, nice to see you here, I don't remember seeing you before.


This is my standard nag I've given many times (so please don't take it personally) to please include the title of the book when you start a thread about it.  It's helpful to everyone browsing the book forum.  Thank you and hope to see many more posts from you....Lori

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@scatcat wrote:

Just picked it up from the library.  Need to finish Educated first. 


Glad you liked it. Have heard great reviews about it 

You will have two good books in a row.  I enjoyed both.