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Re: Down Loading Books...

@Flatbush, iBooks will have some free books that are available, as well. iBooks will be available for free on your iPad already or download from the App Store. Use the “Search” in iBooks for free books, choose one, and it will download onto your device. You can also download the Kindle app. Amazon has a lot of free books. The same with the Nook app from Barnes and Noble and the Kobo app from Walmart. There’s some good ones and some not so good. There’s different genres available. You’re not going to get current best sellers but I have found some new authors that way. 


I would advise to go to go to the library and take your iPad with you. That way someone there can help you and show you how to get ebooks from your library. They all should have WiFi and it’s usually easier to see what needs to be done, especially if you’re not tech savvy. 


Ggod luck!

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Re: Down Loading Books...

It took the unavailability of the paperback exchange to get me to do ebooks.  I have a Nook with books on it but rarely used it once I got the iPad.  So I finally took the plunge after repeated nudging from a friend.


My county library ( my taxes make me eligible ) uses Cloud Library app and was I surprised to find my book synced with my iPhone without my doing anything special !


The convenience is wonderful.  Every now and again I have to delete and redo load the app because the page gets “stuck”.  Seems to restart where I left off.


The loans are for 14 days....I usually finish the book within a few days so that isn’t a problem.  


Now I have to keep updating my original list by author of all the books I have read.  This list has been copied many times and given to folks who ask me what’s a good read.


I regret how long and how much $ I have spent over the years in procrastinating the switch over to ebooks !

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Re: Down Loading Books...

@Jlkz , I bought my first ereader 8 years ago.  I bought a Sony which was one of the first ones that came out.  I still use it every day.  I can’t imagine going back to lugging books around.  Go on vacation and take 200 books with you!  How great is that?  The Sony is aluminum, not plastic.  One of the best things I ever bought myself.  LM

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Re: Down Loading Books...

Just an FYI re Kindle ...


Amazon has a free Kindle app that you can download to your PC, laptop, android device or your cell phone.


I have three Kindles and the app on laptop, Tablet and phone.  


I love "real books" myself - but have run out of room for more bookcases ... so I only buy real books if there isn't a Kindle version available, or old collectible books.

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Re: Down Loading Books...

@Flatbush maybe you already figured this out, but just in case, just add a kindle app to your ipad and you can access all your kndle books there.  I have an ipad mini which I use to read most books.  You can acesss your kindle books in all your devices where you installed the app, and the app will pick up where you were reading.  I have a kindle app on my ipad, but also my computer and my phone and read books in all.  Once you replace your device, you can have your books there too.  hope this helps.