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Down Loading Books...

I wonder if I can down load books off the internet (Library has free books) to my iPad? I don't have the latest iPad, but it is fairly recent. I would purchase a kindle, but I don't think I would use it very much. I actually like to hold a physical book, but I would like to try down loading and see if I would use it.

Is there an application that I need?

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Re: Down Loading Books...

@Flatbush  I use "Overdrive" for our library and there's also "Libby" that will work at ours.  I used to agree with you about holding a book in your hands but I’m a big convert to getting electronic books.  I’m paying over $100 a year in taxes for our local library and I am finally getting my money’s worth.  


It’s so easy and your local library can probably even help you set it up and walk you through it.  I sometimes recommend new books that aren’t even published yet and I’m on the wait list.  Sometimes I'm even #1 on the wait list!!!  


Returning the books is super super easy too.  Just hold down the picture of the book until the return book sign pops up and you can then cancel or return.  Poof!  It’s gone.  


Have fun! 

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Re: Down Loading Books...

@Flatbush  Contact your library and they can help you!  Usually you can download from the library's website if. you need an application, but they can tell you what you need and how to get started.


It is wonderful!  I think you will really enjoy reading that way if you give it a chance!  Good luck!

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Re: Down Loading Books...

Your library’s website should have instructions for downloading books onto the iPad.  My library uses Overdrive.

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Re: Down Loading Books...

I have a Kindle.  But I prefer reading the downloads on my laptop - I have the Kindle App for PC.  I also download to my tablet (Android) - it's very handy for travel and just taking anywhere.  I've never downloaded from the library.   I actually still love and prefer books too.  

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Re: Down Loading Books...

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I agree that the best bet is to call your local library and have them walk you through the options.


Our library offers a lot of e books, including current best sellers. They can be downloaded several different ways, and on many devices. I've downloaded to my laptop computer, and to my Android tablet. 


It's great to be able to read so many books for free! And I don't even have to leave the house to get them.


I think the limit of downloads from my library is 7 (at one time). But once I've read a book, I "return it" online, and then I can check out more! 



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Re: Down Loading Books...

@Flatbush , I agree with @tansy .  Check out your library’s home page and I am sure you will find instructions.  If that doesn’t work for you, better to visit than call would be my guess.  Bring your device and they will help you set it up.  LM

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Re: Down Loading Books...

Most libraries have instructions on their websites as to how to use Overdrive. I use it on my iPad. You can also download the Kindle app and Nook app for your ipad so you can read any books you may have purchased from those stores. 


I recently found RB Digital app at one of the libraries I use (Organge Co. FL - $120 a year for non residents - I live in a really rural co. in NC).  It allows me to read magazines.  I do this on my PC as I have a really big screen. 

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Re: Down Loading Books...

Different libraries use diiferent software/apps, so you need to know what your library uses. But, yes, there will be a way to download books and read on an iPad.


@Flatbush :

It is likely you will need a library card, and you will need to create a user account on the library's web site. You then will be able to check out and download ebooks.


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Re: Down Loading Books...

My library offers Overdrive/Libby for free. Do need a current library card.  It will put on an iPad, or for me, on my Kindle reader. I order on an iPad.


I can’t tell you much I love it.  It seems to me the selection is larger.  As you go through the shelves you can “tag” ones that look good so you can find them again.


They do have a return date.


Dare I repeat how wonderful it is?