Today I will...Believe I Can

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What would you do next if you knew you couldn’t fail?  


It’s a quote I have written in my Purposeful Planner and I remind myself of it every single day. Whether is losing weight, doing a backbend on a paddle board or even just going through the day without being negative, you have to truly believe you can before you start.


With the return of Get Fit With Kerstin and a brand new year I want to encourage you to believe you can!  So many times I find myself not starting something or imagining an positive outcome when I feel like there is no way I could ever accomplish the goal.  But what if you could? What if loosing those 20 pounds is actually easier than you think? What if you say “no” this time, and the world doesn’t fall apart? What if you write that book and it changes people’s lives, including yours? 



Yes, our Sunday afternoon appointment is about the best fitness and wellness items on the market but, I hope when you spend the couple hours with me, you will find its more about finding your happy.  Learning how to sleep better, eat better, move more, smile more, and have a little more faith in YOU. 



This week’s mantra: Today I Will: Believe I can, will apply to those of you who are hoping to lose some weight as Marie Osmond and I will be sharing our stories about Nutrisystem. But it will also apply to any of you who need some inspiration to take the next step in any aspect of your life. I’ll be helping you pick the best equipment to make you physically and mentally stronger. I’ll help you with chronic pain relief.  I’ll show you what you need to keep active in these cold temperatures and we will all learn how to just take a minute and breathe. Stop and breathe. It’s so important. Even the smallest steps in our life need intention. So decided this week that you will expect the best. Whatever is on your list, believe you can!




Join me Sunday at 5pm for the return of Get Fit With Kerstin and don’t forget to head to my Facebook page KerstinLindquistQVC to post questions for the “Ask Kerstin” segment of the show. I’ll try my best to answer your wellness inquiries live at the end of the show.


Happy New Year and God Bless!




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You should see me in my bikini.......

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Kerstin...I am just getting familiar with blogs them to be so interesting...I apologize for posting here but I am on a mission....You wore a 3 gold disc dainty necklace yesterday...which I instantly fell in love with...and know my daughter would too...Would you be able to share where I may find one like this??...thank you so much