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Tips for Spring Organizing on a Budget

by ‎03-27-2018 11:28 AM - edited ‎03-27-2018 11:30 AM

Spring is here! While tidying up for the new season, I realized living in a small New York City apartment has taught me a lot about maximizing storage space on a budget. Even in a house, I’ve found that my NYC organizing tips still come in handy.

Here are my TOP 5 tips for organizing the things that never quite have a place (AND doing so while on a budget!):


1. Over-the-door pocket shoe organizer:  Budget friendly and versatile, my pocket shoe organizer keeps all of my winter gloves, hats, and scarves tidy and visible.


If you get one with clear pockets, it would be great for crafting yarns, tools, and maybe even gift wrap tags, bows, and ribbons.


Here is a similar one we sell at QVC:





2. Hanging shoe organizer: 

My over-the-door organizer doesn’t work for my thicker scarves, so instead I use a hanging shoe organizer to store the thick scarves, storing matching sets together,  my house slippers and my pet leashes.


I have another one in the master closet that I use to organize my travel cosmetic cases (yes, I have that many) and shoe inserts.


Here is a similar one we sell at QVC:





3. Tiered Blouse organizers:  These are great in your master closet to hang your spring scarves.  They’re a good solution if you have a sliding door on your closets if you can’t hang anything over it and don’t have the room for a hanging shoe organizer.




4. Double Hang Closet: In NYC I used these for my master closet (which was my only closet for clothes) so I could separate my tops from bottoms and it still left me with some room to hang longer things like dresses. Now that I’ve moved to a house, I use this for my 2nd coat closet. It makes the most out of the small closet by doubling up on the vertical space.  This means I can store more denim jackets, winter coats, rain jackets, leather jackets, etc.  





5. Utility mesh pantry door organizer:

If you have a ton of beauty products shoved in drawers, baskets, or under the sink, an over the door pantry organizer in your bathroom will do the trick. It’s a small investment but keeps all of my beauty products in sight so they don’t expire before I’ve had a chance to use them. I’ve used mine to organize perfumes, hair products, nail polishes, etc. Currently mine is organized based on task. Cleansers and toners go in one basket, followed by masks and peels, face and body moisturizers, and finally hair care. You can adjust the height and get different size baskets too.






Thanks to my door organizer, my bathroom vanity is now clear and I’m able to store my everyday essentials such as my favorite serums and cleansers under the sink, while my treatment based products are kept in the door organizer. 


Do you have any great cleaning or organizing tips? Share in the comments.


Happy Spring Cleaning!


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Thanks, Cathy for the great ideas! 

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Love organization!  Good going!  Heart