The Watermark Conference for Women and QVC

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The Watermark Conference for Women, held annually in San Jose, California, offers inspiration, motivation, development, and community for women across the country. This year QVC and zulily joined over 6,000 attendees to host a product search in hopes of discovering new brands and products from entrepreneurial women.  I had the pleasure of attending and being on the panel.


Presenters had the unique opportunity to pitch their products to a panel of retail experts and get their product noticed by two companies that share a commitment to female entrepreneurship and empowerment.


Each presenter had ten minutes to pitch their original concepts in front of a live audience and receive instant feedback from panelists.  


We saw about two dozen products through the course of the day, including handbags, apparel, accessories, and beauty products & devices. I can’t name names at the moment, but both QVC and zulily brought back products for further evaluation. Yay!!! 

“Days like last Friday truly puts what we do into perspective,” said panelist Bridget Love - Merchandising QVC. “It was a great reminder of the power we have as retailers and as women.” Panelists included Bridget, Lori Twomey - Merchant zulily, Anna Baker- Retail Brand Strategy QVC, Lorraine Beltran- Merchandising zulily, and me! 




I loved seeing the products, listening to the feedback of my fellow panelists, and being in a room filled with women supporting women. I can’t wait to hear the follow up on the potential products.


It was a wonderful experience and I hope to attend next year as well.






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YEA, Racheal!! What a lovely honor. Anxious to see what is actually chosen for on-air products. You have such lovely taste that my confidence in anything you have in-put will be a great seller. So pleased you have shared this with viewers. 


Your blogs are always so interesting and worth reading. We LEARN from you. Thanks for being one of the best QVC hosts!


Thought of another place for a vacation! More expensive, but so lovely and quiet: Cayman Islands. Take your pick! (Not on a cruise. I'm not a group-type person on MY vacations! It's R&R for me. Smiley Happy


What a welcome relief from the cheerleader-type or Ms. Congeniality stuff so many hosts write about - rather juvenile stuff, but so are they.


Your integrity and gentle voice appear in your writing! Love that quiet deameanor you possess. Thanks for sharing your recent experience with us.  

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Thank you for sharing.  It's unfortunate Lori Grenier couldn't have been on the panel but her Shark Tank duties must keep her very busy.

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Rachael, you are one of the best hosts on QVC.  some of the old ones are so cutey anymore that they are not even interesting to listen to and some of them are just shining up to certain vendors and you can tell they are phony about their  presentations with cutsey remarks and just acting phony. Some of the new hosts are questionable as if they know what they are talking about.


You on the other hand are quite the representative for woman.  Your presentations are always spot on and you are very confident with the preparation of your product. 


Thank you for being you and you are a joy to watch and listen to.





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Hi Racheal, the Linea Ladies are commenting on the pants that you wore when you presented with Louis,(gold) for the Big Deal, you looked fabulous in them and we want to know were we can get them. You did an excellant job with Louis!

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I'm finding that Rachel is one of my favorite hosts.  Professional and yet so down to earth.  Would love to see her hosting more on QVC.

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I love Rachel and yes she is one of my favorite hosts!  Totally down-to-earth and classy lady.  Great Host and love when she is on. 

by dcw
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I wish you were on more often....your the best