The Best Gift...

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We asked some of the on-air guests around the studio what the best gift they ever gave or received was. Here are their heartfelt answers:

Josie Maran

“The best gift I ever received was this bracelet from my beautiful mom.”

Josie Christmas

Susan Graver

“The best gift I ever gave was a trip to Tortola with my husband Richie.”

Susan Vacation

David Dangle

"The best gift I ever received was almost twenty years ago, Joan Rivers surprised me with an unexpected gift on my birthday.  It was a stunning pair of Van Cleef & Arpels 18 kt gold cufflinks – so Joan!  They are vintage from the 1960’s and they’re just my style.  I wore them in her honor on September 8th – the day of Joan’s memorial service in New York City."

David's Cuffs Up Close

David and Joan

Dennis Basso

"The most favorite gift I ever got was when Michael surprised me with Lily, our miniature schnauzer.  Here’s a photo of us in the snow when she was a puppy!"

Dennis and Lilly

Jill Martin

"The best gift I EVER received was a cabbage patch kid at the age of 6. The picture attached gives you an idea of the kind of kid I was (always playing dress-up and into the latest toys.) My Aunt Audrey waited around the corner at a local store (overnight) just to get her hands on the doll (I had to have) the first day it came out (My grandparents did the same so I actually got TWO!)  Every time I see one I get nostalgic and would actually love it again as a gift. I ran into one the other day in the studio and took a pic for old times' sake!"

Jill Martin with Her Cabbage Patch Doll

Jill When She Was Younger

Lisa Rinna

"The best gift I ever received just has to be the fabulous Cartier Trinity ring that HH gave me for my birthday this past year! On a recent episode of RHOBH, there's a scene they captured of my birthday dinner and HH giving me this treasure. On my Bravo blog, I told the story of how he gave me a similar ring upon the birth of my first-born, Delilah Belle. That ring went missing in recent years and the fact that he surprised me this year for my birthday with this one that happens to have his name and both girls' names engraved on each band means the world to me! I now have my family with me always!"

Lisa Rinna Ring

Meredith Laurence

"The best give I ever received was when I was about 12 years old.  My parents gave me a large tropical aquarium. Little did I know that they hadn’t been able to use their bathroom to shower for days before Christmas because their tub was full of tropical plants!"

"The best gift I ever gave was giving my parents a puppy one Christmas.  They call her Lagniappe - creole for “a little something extra” and she’s brought them a lot of extra love!"

Meredith Laurence Parent's Dog

Tara McConnell

"The best gift I ever gave? That was around 8 years ago, when I saved up to send my mom and dad to Hawaii. They loved Hawaii…it was one of their favorite vacation destinations. (Even way back when, as you can tell from this picture!) But this was the first time I was able to give them that wonderful experience on my own. And it was especially meaningful because it was the last big trip they took before my dad’s health complications made travel really tough. So that gift – and those memories – mean so much to me!"

 Tara's Parents

Barbara Bixby

"The best Christmas present Frank and I ever got was our beautiful Grand daughter Clare who arrived Christmas morning almost 5 years ago. My family and friends are my biggest blessing and the limited edition Gretch guitar I received from Frank last week, as an early birthday present, is running a close second Just joking ! I hope everyone has a blessed and happy holiday XOXO Barbara"

 Baby Bixby

Jessica Foust

"The best gift I ever received was from my great Uncle (Uncle Al, as we like to call him).  He is incredibly talented and made me this beautiful Christmas tree made out of old jewelry that belonged to my mom and my grandma.  It’s so special to me because it reminds me of how lucky I am to have such an amazing family.  I look forward to getting this out every year, it’s my favorite Christmas decoration!"


Tree Gift

Scott Grimes

"The best gift I ever gave was a Grey Pearl Ring to my sister that she had fallen in love a year prior. I was 22 years old, waiting tables in NYC when she came with friends and sat at one of my tables.  I had another waiter deliver a single oyster on a half shell to her table and when she saw the ring sitting inside the oyster shell, her friends started clapping, when I came by the table she jumped up and hugged me, everyone started clapping thinking we had just gotten engaged.  Here she is on her actual wedding day…"

 Scott's Sisters Wedding

 Lori Goldstein

"Giving Louise, my dog, a home!  That was both giving and receiving!"


Sleeping Louise

Laura Geller

"The holidays are a time for appreciating the ones you love. When I was in my young teen years, I realized that you didn’t need to be blood related to be considered family. Growing up, my immediate family was very small and we did not have many holiday traditions. I spent the holidays in a nearby town with my very best friend, Jana, and her enormous family. Being welcomed into Jana’s home by each and every member of her family gave me an extended family of my own! Each year, everyone at the gathering would receive a gift from everyone else and none of them ever forgot me! As a young woman, this was truly beautiful to me and these memories still hold a special place in my heart today."

The Three of Us

Laura with Jana


"The best Holiday gift I have ever received was something that cannot be purchased. It was the year 2000 and I was able to spend Christmas with my late Mother, sadly, she lost her battle to cancer two months later. The gift of time spent with my Mom that day is one of the most cherished memories I have."

Chaz Christmas

Comment below and tell us about the best gift you either gave or received!