The 2016 Best “Splurge” Gifts On QVC…

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I love a splurge. I cannot deny it. C’mon, I know you agree. So I’m left wondering, what do we have on QVC that qualifies as a pure splurge? An indulgence. A big time crazy major WHAT?!? Lucky for you, I am no novice in this department. In fact, I am a well seasoned student of “SPLURGE”. So here we go. My picks for best, “impress them”, gifts this 2016 season…in no particular order.


#10. T34604 High Roller Hoverboard


This is my 11 year old niece opening hers for her birthday which was on 11/23. Need I say more? Wait, yes I should. I bought one for me too. That’s how great this thing is.


#9. K44189 All Clad 13-piece Cookware Set

I don’t cook. We all know this. Yet still, a girl has gotta have pots and pans for the random moment when turning the stove on is unavoidable. Last year my Mom bought me All Clad, before QVC sold them. My brother’s wife uses All Clad, my Mom too. I’m no cook but I’ve heard the rumors: they’re the best. So, imagine my delight for all you “cook-istas” when I saw we started carrying All Clad. Major score. 



#8. E228215 Samsung Curved Smart LED 4K Ultra High Def TV

Years ago when I was in the market for a really good TV, I went straight to the source of divine knowledge: a man. This was pre-Joe, so I talked to a producer friend of mine, we’ll call him Brian. He couldn’t say enough about Samsung TV’s and how they are top of the line, expensive, but worth it. I bought one. Mine is now several years old but it’s in our family room and the picture is awesome. So, just saying, all the new bells and whistles of the curved 4K edition, is making me jealous.


#7. A281339 Isaac Cashmere Cardigan

Isaac’s cashmere is an indulgence. We say it all the time but it is true. It is pure, 100% cash’, no filler, no weird blend. And though it’s still a splurge price, it would cost so much more at retail given the thickness of it. How we and he do it so affordably for what it is, is beyond me. This particular style is my abso’ fav from him this year!


#6. A280211 Barefoot dreams “Covered In Prayer” blanket

I own one. I gifted one to Maria McCool for Christmas last year. My Dad has one (he’s going through Cancer), I gave one to a viewer in Las Vegas who needed hope and uplift. These are the most exceptional, impressive gift from BD, hands down. Yes, even better than the robe that made them famous, and that that world famous talk show host loves as one of her annual “favorite things”.


#5. E228065 Bose SOLO 15 Sound System


We have the Solo in our family room. There is no comparison. You cannot watch TV without this thing. Cannot. TV’s are built for their picture not their sound. Even my awesome Samsung. So, Bose swoops in to make things right. Mine stopped working for a couple days when the battery in the remote burned out. I was distraught. Anxious. It was not a good time in my life. Great gift.


#4. All things Apple!


I am typing this blog as we speak, on my MAC computer. My husband has one too. My brother too. My Mom and Dad also. We have iPhones. My whole family. I’m not hating on PC’s or android because they have features I’m jealous of. But I love MAC, and I love the gift of it. Even my manicurist is obsessed with her Apple watch. Point being, great gift, and great that QVC sells them because ez pay on Apple products is a ridiculous kind of awesomeness.


#3. A283743 Plinio Visona Handbag

Plinio is a man. Back in the 50’s in Italy, outside Venice I think, or was it Milan, either way, this exceptional Italian man began making bags. By hand. Italian leather. Techniques from the old world, passed down through his family. To this day all the bags are made by hand. In Italy. We debuted the line on PMS. Both styles sold out. Yes, they are pricier than most. But it is as if you traveled to Italy and bought a bag in a leather factory. The smell, the suppleness, the beauty. They cant make large quantities, and they are special pieces. So this one is my favorite for a girl that loves handbags, and wants something truly unique.


#2. J323639 Barbara Bixby Skull Bracelet 

I love a skull. I grew up partially in Mexico celebrating the ‘Day of the Dead’ on Nov 2, so skulls are big for me. They are happy, not scary. And I don’t mind mentioning that thanks to countless designers like “Ralph” etc skulls are cool. Posh. Trendy. They show up on velvet loafers etc. and I delight. This is artisan Barbara Bixby’s use of them and I think it is so unique and extraordinary. I love bracelets, but I love her use of the skulls. 


#1. A292751 Dyson SuperSonic Hair Dryer 


I have been saying it every time I sell it on air: this is my #1 pick for 2016 COOLEST GIFT OF THE YEAR. And when you see the price and turn to ask me if it’s really worth it, I will shout to the stars, YESSSSSSSS. 

It dries your hair so fast. It weighs less than 2lbs so you forget you are even holding it. And the attachments, they magnetize onto the dryer. C’mon, seriously cool. I LOVE MINE! period. The end.