Q&A with Dr. Will Kirby of Neutrogena Dermatologics

by Vanessa The Beauty Editor on ‎01-21-2011 07:59 PM

Dr. Will Kirby


If Dr. Will Kirby looks familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen his face everywhere from LIVE! with Regis and Kelly and Dr. 90201 to The Doctors and Extra. But being a celebrity is really only a side gig. In his day job, he’s a board-certified dermatologist who serves as a clinical preceptor for Western University and Nova Southeastern University medical students. That’s in addition to being a frequent visitor to our studio on behalf of Neutrogena Dermatologics — the professional division of Neutrogena created especially for QVC.


Q: I want to find out more about the Retinol NX Wrinkle Filler. Should we think of it as a long-term product, short-term product, or both?

A: That’s the beauty of this product. It’s a targeted wrinkle treatment that gives you immediate wrinkle-smoothing results AND continues to diminish the look of wrinkles over time. In as little as 10 minutes, this product fills the look of lines and wrinkles. But then in a clinical test, in as early as 4 weeks, subjects showed improvement in smoothing the looks of crow’s feet (90%) and the appearance of photo damage (81%).

A little goes a long way with this “Wrinkle Fighter.” Just smoothing on a small amount to stubborn wrinkles is enough to see results. And the rich formula has great control so it stays where you apply it.

Wrinkle Filler

Q: Can you apply Wrinkle Filler to fine lines, such as on the cheeks, or is it specifically for deeper wrinkles like the forehead, 11 lines, nasal labial folds, and marionette lines?

A: This product is appropriate for fine lines, as well as those frustrating deep lines that are notoriously hard to treat. And it works in multiple areas from the forehead wrinkles, 11 lines, and nasal labial folds to crow’s-feet, the under-eye, and cheek. 

Q: Can you explain how hyaluronic acid and micro-sponge technology works? I know it holds 1000X its weight in water, but where is it drawing this water from?

A: This product is a unique marriage of 2 key ingredients: stabilized retinol technology, which continuously renews the look of the skin through increased cell turnover, and hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance. It sucks up moisture in the air and skin like a sponge, pulling it into that wrinkle so you see results in as little as 10 minutes. 

If hyaluronic acid sounds familiar, it's because it's been all over the news lately. It's the same substance that we use to inject directly into wrinkles which, as you might imagine, is painful and expensive. Now consumers who are concerned with wrinkles can apply it directly to the surface of their skin through this outstanding wrinkle fighter!

NX Serum

Q: Since the Wrinkle Filler and Retinol NX Serum should each be the first thing that comes into contact with your skin, would you recommend using them together, but alternating one in the am and one in the pm?

A: The Wrinkle Filler is great paired with the Retinol NX Serum. You can use the serum over your entire face at night and the Wrinkle Filler to target those stubborn places during the day. The serum will increase surface cell turnover all night and then the Wrinkle Filler will give you that immediate smoothing effect during the day. The Wrinkle Filler can also be used under a moisturizer, SPF, or makeup.

We also have a full-face day cream version of our stabilized retinol technology with SPF. So, you can use that product during the day and the targeted Wrinkle Filler at night along with your favorite night cream, if you prefer.

Q: What full-face products would you recommend pairing with the Wrinkle Filler for daytime?

A: I always recommend that my patients use a full-face SPF product in the morning —specifically SPF products that contain Helioplex technology — and a power-packed anti-aging serum with retinol before bed. This regimen helps maintain youthful-looking skin, but the Wrinkle Filler takes this regimen to the next level to really help target those tougher areas where deep wrinkles appear. Moreover, I tell all my patients at my clinic in Beverly Hills that I am the least hypocritical dermatologist you'll ever meet; the same products I recommend to my patients are the same products I use myself and I never leave the house without an SPF containing Helioplex on my face!

Q: The consistency of the Retinol NX Serum is like a light fluid lotion rather than silicone-feeling like some other retinol serums. Is there any reason for or benefit to this?

A: The feel of this product is so unique. The formula has a light, silky, luxurious feel, leaving the skin supple. It allows for a smooth, even application all over the face without leaving skin feeling tacky.

Q: If the Retinol NX Serum is hydrating, can you explain why it sometimes makes skin flake?

A: The serum is formulated to provide long-lasting hydration. In the first 24 hours of use, consumers saw superior hydration. That said, if some flaking occurs, that doesn’t mean the skin is dry. In fact, I’m actually encouraged by this sign: what consumers are actually seeing is the dead skin cells — stratum corenum — actually sloughing off for a renewed look. As the stabilized retinol technology continues to increase surface cell turnover, people will eventually acclimate to this. This flaking is a good thing!

Q: Is it possible to “confuse” your skin by using too many skin care products at once? What are the essentials in your opinion?

A: I always say to keep things simple. A regimen does not have to be complex to be effective! My patients often come into my office with a bag of products, half of which they don’t need or use. I tell them to really look in their medicine cabinets and assess what’s essential. I’d recommend using an SPF with Helioplex during the day, retinol at night, and then an eye or wrinkle filler product for a more targeted treatment. Keep it simple!