PA Conference for Women

by on ‎11-19-2015 02:52 PM

Today I had the opportunity to attend the Pennsylvania's Conference for Women at the Convention Center. Here are a few of the photos that I've captured throughout the day! 



QVC/Zulily booth! What an awesome collaboration on two great brands. #LovemyQVCJob #PennWomen 


Selfie with Albany! She was there too Smiley Happy 


Venessa Chann was present for our Sprouts team. 




At lunch we heard from one of the keynote speakers, John Jacobs, from "Life is Good." He created the t-shirts I'm sure you all know about! 




Here are the fInal keynote speakers in a forum with Gloria Steinem interviewing Jessica Alba about how she became a successful entrepreneur with her company, "Honest."


Hope you enjoyed the photos! 

Talk soon,




by Bangor
on ‎07-02-2016 02:13 AM

I saw you on the Food show July 1 and I could not believe for every item shown you kept saying FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING as if this was something new  as shipping and handling ha always been inclided to the ridiculous prices QVC charges for the mediocre food!  You tried the food and then stood and licked your fingers not very professionalor sanitary and I hope you won't be  on again anytime soon!