National Quacker Day....

by on ‎02-02-2011 02:34 PM

Hi everyone.  Jeanne & I are so very excited to bring you the second annual NATIONAL QUACKER DAY!!  You may not know this, but there are over 3 million Quackers out there, and that doesn’t include international Quackers!  I hear stories all the time of ladies Quacking at each other in stores, on the street and in the airport.  We sure do stand out when we wear our favorite Quacker items!  I too have been Quacked at while out and about.  I can spot a Quacker from a mile away.  It is a good thing!!  I remember when we were on the 2006 Quacker cruise other passengers were trying to figure our group out.  Many asked-“So what is up with this Quaker group?”  And we had to correct them and say-“No we are QUACKERS!!!” 

Well we are looking for your Quacker stories!  We would love for you to share them on, and we will share them while on the air this Friday February 4. What do you love about Quacker Factory?  About Jeanne?  And dare I ask, what do you love about me?  Don’t forget to include photos if you can!!!

National Quacker day holds a special place in my heart because one year ago I began as Jeanne’s “back up  guest”.  It has been a thrilling year for me, and I wanted to take a minute to thank all of you for your support in my new role.

I am so looking forward to reading your stories!!  On Friday I will be on from 1-3 am, then Jeanne will be on from 4-6 pm, and then again from 11-12 midnight.  I will also be crashing the Friday Fashion Forum with Jayne & Pat from 6-9 am!  We will be Quackin all day long!!!!  See you Friday!