My Velvet Lookbook!

by on ‎11-05-2013 07:34 PM

Every Sunday on Facebook I'll be posting my latest Lookbook! Think of it as your own weekly Susan Graver catalog. An album of pictures...Each Lookbook contains pieces I love and have chosen to wear as a complete outfit. Wear them together or wear them separately! These items are a great addition to everyone's wardrobe! Dress confidently knowing you've got a complete outfit put together by me!

This week's Lookbook was all about velvet! Soft and sumptuous, you'll love the way these pieces fit and feel. It's only fitting since velvet is the fabric of the season.

Top and Burnout Velvet Vest Set

Stretch Velvet Pants


Don't forget…It's the accessories that create a stunning, finished look! I added these beautiful necklace and bracelet pieces to match the outfit. 

Crystal and Cabochon Necklace 


My 9 stretch Bracelets also come with this beautiful box…great gift idea!

Set of 9 Stretch Bracelets 


My Sunday night show is set to return December 29th at 10pm ET...Until then make sure to check in on my Facebook page! I hope you look forward to seeing each Lookbook. I look forward to bringing them to you!

Also be sure to catch my show Thursday 9am ET!! 




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