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"Set a goal so big that you can't achieve it until you grow into the person who can."


I've always dreamed of working at QVC and 11 years ago I wrote it down in my journal as a goal. It's so surreal to be here now! But it did take some practice and patience. 


The past decade I've been in morning TV and some radio. Broadcasting has been such a rewarding career as I've been so humbled to be invited into people's homes the first part of the day, sharing a cup of coffee together, and talking about events affecting our world, our country and our communities. 


(Emmy Award) 


My TV journey began at the age of 14 but professionally after college it started in Mason City, IA where I met this cute sports anchor Jeff, who became my best friend and later would become my husband. 


And so the story goes...first comes the love....

mason city pic .jpg 

(KIMT in Mason City, IA) 


Then comes the marriage....

wedding pic.jpg 

(Wedding day in Pawleys Island, SC)


Then comes the fur baby...our maltipoo, Turbo. 

turbo .jpg 


Then comes the baby in the baby carriage. 


We're the proud parents of our 20 month old son. He's the light of our lives....there's no greater job than being a mama! 

mason pic .jpg 

We are now expecting our second child at the end of July and we aren't finding out if our son will have a brother or a sister. But I am taking guesses based on the bump! 







So with my first day on the air at QVC being June 30th, it will be a quick "get to know you" before maternity leave. But I'll be back before we know it...and maybe extra sleep deprived.  


Now I should back up a moment, I was born and raised in the nicest place - Minnesota! Oh, ya sure, ya betcha! I grew up on a 20 acre hobby farm with my amazing parents and three siblings! 

KZ Family.jpg 

I've moved around a lot in my days in news - but I will always be a Midwest girl at heart! 


After high school, I flew the coop and headed West for college where I graduated from Pepperdine University - go Waves! 

 pepperdine .jpg 

For fun...I enjoy eating (who doesn't) I love to try new foods and restaurants! Traveling - I love experiencing new cultures and seeing other parts of our beautiful earth. Adventure - hello skydiving and flying small planes! And living an active lifestyle through fitness, hiking, biking and some fun runs (I like to get dirty as I'm a little tomboy at heart). 

travel .jpg 

(Machu Picchu)

mud run .jpg 

(Mud Run) 


I owe all of life's blessings to God! He's so faithful and I'm beyond grateful to Him for allowing me to live out my dream of working at QVC. I prayed and prayed for this opportunity and now it's here. I'm honored and humbled to now get to do my favorite thing everyday -- shopping with my girlfriends! I look forward to becoming friends and doing some shopping together! 




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Congratulations on your new hosting position.  What a beautiful life story. I love your wedding photo.  Thanks for sharing your journey. 

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Good morning from Charlotte!  Miss seeing you  and Kaitlin on Rising!  All the best to you and the growing family.


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Image result for welcome animated word imageto QVC!


by BetJ
on ‎06-28-2017 11:15 AM

Congratulatios on your new job at QVC and welcome!  Also, congatulations in advance on

your new baby!  You will definitely have your hands full with 2 little ones and working!  I wish

you all the best at QVC and with your family.  I look forward to seeing you on the Q after you

return from maternity leave!

on ‎06-28-2017 11:53 AM

Well hello from one MN girl to another!


My guess is a girl based on how high your carrying your little angel on it's way, whether it be a boy or girl I can bet your beautiful son will be over the moon being a big brother!


Welcome to the Q, you have a BIG family here at the Q ready to embrace you and welcome you into our homes, Good luck, I wish you nothing but continued success, joy & happiness!


Soon you will have the 4 best cheerleader's in your corner urging you every step of the way, and let us not forget your adorable fur baby!

on ‎06-28-2017 02:38 PM

Welcome Kristine!    Wishing you well with your new job and your family.   I think it's going to be another boy based on how you look in the picture.  That is exactly how I carried my son!   I wonder if that is how you carried the first time???

Anyway, you posted a lovely blog with beautiful pictures.  Looking forward to watching you on QVCSmiley Happy

on ‎06-28-2017 02:47 PM

Cute little dog, hope your family will like their new life. Good luck

on ‎06-28-2017 04:50 PM

Welcome to QVC!  Best of luck to you!  I look forward to watching your shows and reading your blog updates.  😊

by pleasereadwithme
on ‎06-28-2017 10:37 PM

You will succeed at this and everyone will love you, just as those of us from back home already do. I will always be your biggest fan, "little sister", and I cannot wait to see you soar in this new adventure. I will always be your "base" and you will prove once again what a "flyer" you can be! Be blessed and show them what you are made of! Give it back to Him, everyday and always remember to give God the Glory. Love you so very very much! ~ A.D.B.

by shoppingagainnow
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Welcome Kristine,

I grew up near Mason City, and moved to Minneapolis area where we have raised our family.  So, of course, I was drawn to you with so much in common already. My daughter participates in the Mud Run too. Looking forward to seeing you on the Q, and wish you the best with your 2nd baby making a family of 4.  And I am sure you have heard all the other hosts that are from MN also.

I belong to a group on Facebook called QVC addicts.  Please join, we have several hosts and vendors that are in the Facebook group too. 

From sunny minn



on ‎07-16-2017 04:01 PM

Welcome!  Wishing you the best with your new carreer at QVC.  Thank you for posting the lovely pictures of your family.  Blessings to all of you as you welcome a precious little bundle of joy!  I bet Turbo is looking forward to another playmate Smiley Very Happy

by Stylists
on ‎03-15-2019 07:20 PM


I wish you the best with QVC. I have been with the company since 1991. I have made very good friends with the host  and met them personallly. I love your representaion. You do such a grest job.I enjoy it immensely.

You have such a beautiful family also and your wedding photos are so lovely. Your children are adorable.  

A fan of yours