It's an Extraordinary Life!

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Everyone leads different lives and that's why today's TSV is very inspirational to all of us here at QVC. Our hosts picked out the bangles that stood out the most to them and why. See their stories below! 


Carolyn- Angel (Guardian)


I have always believed in angels and feel they walk among us disguised in many shapes and sizes. They protect us always and often go unnoticed. I think of our pets as angels without wings and I feel that all who love, care for,  and rescue pets in need are also guardian angels indeed!


Carolyn Gracie.jpg


Mary Beth- Family Tree


I came from a big family; I am one of six. So, I always dreamed of having a big family of my own. I met and married Mark who is one of 7 and then we had 4 children together. Our family continues to grow since Eric and Alice got married and now we now have two daughters. My dream came true and I love this set of bracelets which represents the true meaning of family. Blessings! MB






Rachel- Music


Music filled my home growing up. My father has been a composer for over 50 years, and he was always playing the piano. He played pieces we loved...I always begged him to play “The Entertainer,” by Scott Joplin, and he spent time composing. He wrote music for my mom’s plays, for musicals, for my siblings, and me or as accompaniments to his favorite poems. We went caroling as a family every year, and each and every holiday revolved around music. I love that Extraordinary Life is making something for us music lovers and I couldn’t agree more with the sentiments on these bracelets… and they go perfectly with my other “wrist wraps!"





Nancy Hornback- Moon (I love you to the Moon and Back)


You get three bangles in this pack so my story includes two of my close work friends, Jane Brown and Pat James Demetri, simply because I love them "to the moon and back!" Giving has always been a part of my life, so it felt right to share the other two bracelets with my friends. Smiley Happy 




 Jacque- Cross (Faith)


My's what keeps me whole. My's what makes our family whole.  My Faith...makes me thankful for every single day.  Blessings to you! ~ Jacque 





Sharon- Mom


 Being a mother has been my greatest blessing, and I adore the symbols and statements of love on each one.  I also love  the sound they make as the charms move!  The epitome of femininity!(say that five times fast!!!!)😆





Albany- Compass (Journey) 


If you follow me on Facebook you know I collect bicycles. They have held a very special place in my heart since I was 16 years old. Imagine the delight that bubbled through my soul when I found out the extraordinary life bangles would come with a bicycle and compass. That's what it's all about for me. A constant quiet reminder that life is a journey. There'll always be ups and downs  when traveling "rocking road of life. " but no matter your destination you get to choose stumbling blocks or steppingstones? I to steppingstone. Let the adventures begin!





Kerstin- Sunshine (You are my Sunshine) 

I'm a Cali girl, so the sunshine speaks to my soul.  I live for the sun and the beach.  The warmth and energy it provides gives me life!  I also always sang "You are my sunshine" to the girls when they were babies. 





Stacey- Moon (I Love you to the Moon and Back) 

I would always say "I love you to the mean and back" to my boys Ben and Larry. And I still do!  There's no greater distance, right?  





Antonella- Cross (Faith)


Life is tough sometimes, and when the going gets tougher, you can always rely on your faith!! I choose these bracelets to constantly remind me that life has it's ups and downs... but we can get through it together!! Xo, A





Jill- Holiday (Christmas Theme) 




Jane- Family


My family makes my life extraordinary.  I will be giving one of these to each of my daughters and keeping one for myself!








What path do you lead? Pick your bracelet and tell us which bracelet speaks the most to you!