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To Antonella and Rick... 


Here's a little birthday tribute to 2 very funny Hosts!  Happy birthday!!  The rest of your team wanted to send you some funny and quirky birthday wishes!!  Enjoy!







Happy Birthday to our very own "Captain Midnight." Wishing you a wonderful day and year! -Rachel Boesing


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Happy Birthday to the guy with the MOST energy in the room!! I'm so grateful to have you as a mentor and a friend! Wishing you a year filled with adventure!! -Alberti Popaj


alberti and anotnella.jpg

Happy birthday Antonella!!!! Those Diamonique eyes and that golden smile could charm Midas himself!! Sending you big hugs and kisses for the best year yet!! -Alberti Popaj


RickAndDanW (2).JPG

Happy Birthday to a great host, a super guy and one of best friends!  Hope you have a great day big guy! - Dan Wheeler


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Oh Ricky D, Dr. D, Captain Midnight…I miss watching you on Santa Barbara. Or was it Y&R. Or that one where the sands move through the hourglass like the days of our lives? Happy birthday to the dude I love most at QVC, the only one who I let rib me like my own brother. When I grow up i want to be just like you. xox Shawn


An-to-nay-nay...happy birthday to my fellow, “hot mess”. Love you girl, especially when we serve jury duty together. Hashtag, priceless! xox Shawn


marybeth with rick.jpg

Happy Birthday, Rick, my Minnesota brother from another mother!! You are such a huge part of the host team and knowing you is such a huge blessing in my life!! God bless you with many more years of life!  MBR


antonella and mary beth roe.jpg

Happy Birthday, Antonella! I hope you have an extra special day, because you are Extra Special!  Love you, Girl! May God bless your life for many years to come!! MBR


Happy birthday Rick!  Wishing you all the best on your special day.  Your positive energy fills up a room and today is no exception. Happy birthday to you! Cheers! -Elise Ivy


Happy birthday Antonella! I can only hope you're going to bring some amazing Italian dessert for all of us to eat while we celebrate!  Oh wait, are we supposed to bring the dessert?!  Regardless, enjoy your birthday!! -Elise Ivy



If I had to describe my girl Antonella in one word – it would be authentic! She is as good as gold and truer than true. She's always good for a great big hug and a kind word. Happy birthday sister!  -Albany Irvin




Happy birthday to my friend, mentor, and fellow gadget geek!!! Thank you for a consistent listening ear, advice and unconditional guidance. - Albany Irvin


Rick and kerstin.jpg

Happy birthday Rick!  You're known for being the funny guy in our host meetings and for being particulary good at photo bombing!  Cheers to another wonderful year for you!  Have a blessed day. xo -Kerstin Lindquist


And to Antonella, how do we not have a picture together!  Wishing you a happy and beautiful birthday my friend!!  xoxo - Kerstin Lindquist 



Happy Birthday!!!