Five Months Apart-- Kerstin Lindquist Shares her Family's Story

by on ‎12-13-2011 12:44 PM

My husband and I have so much fun freaking people out when they ask if our girls are twins. We say “no, just very close.” If they persist we tell them they are five months apart, but, we don’t elaborate.  You can see their brains working.  The story is we were four months pregnant with our second daughter when our first daughter was born.

Grace is adopted.  Georgia was born five months later.  They look dramatically alike, they could be twins; except Grace is blessed with light chocolate skin and Georgia inherited her father’s German pasty white.  Because they are so close they act like twins.  They sleep in the same room, and don’t you dare try to separate them. They are best friends.  They also must have the same exact things. Grace is two and a half and Georgia just turned two, and they are pretty much on the same level physically and developmentally. 

About eight months ago when Georgia caught up to Grace we had to tell people they couldn’t get something just for one girl anymore.  For instance my mom wanted to buy Halloween costumes; a duck and a lady bug.  Nope, no way, there would be a complete melt down if they were not the same thing. So for this Christmas I have told everyone to buy two of the same thing.  I am also forced to buy them the same thing or a good “group” gift. 

This set of 10 illustrated story books was a no brainer for me because the girls love books and there are enough in the pack that they can each be holding one at the same time.  They will also be getting one of the few great gifts I have found for kids under three; The Set of 2 Pre-school cushion top remote control cars.  These are so soft and easy for my girls chubby little hands. I am also picking up two K’s Kids Learning shoes on little feet. You will notice so many of our toys for kids this year come in two’s that make things so much easier for moms like me!  Bravo QVC, another way you make my life, as a crazed mom, easier. If you find something you love like the Chicco Bilingual talking Videophone (We speak English and Spanish in my house) and it doesn’t come in two, then save that mom of two you are buying for the headache and get two. Happy holiday shopping; especially for the little ones in your life.

What are your favorite gifts for the little ones…preferably those that my girls can share or that there are two of?