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Decorating the Perfect Tree

by ‎12-05-2016 04:22 PM - edited ‎12-06-2016 09:01 AM

When I was young, decorating the tree was something we always looked forward to!! My brother and I always wanted to help hang ornaments, and mom was very careful in guiding us.  Here are some of the decorating tips she instilled in us right from the start. 


Step 1: Know what you’re working with


Just like knowing your ingredients for baking a cake, you need to know the ingredients that are going to make your tree the centerpiece of your holiday.  So first, I lay out all of the decorations by size and color so that I can visualize the overall theme of the tree.


This is the moment of inspiration for me.  I turn on my holiday tunes, and start to have fun!  



Step 2: Start with the BIG picture


I place the large ornaments on the tree first. They are the ones that really “anchor” the overall look of the tree. They are also the ones that fill in any empty spaces (like my owl) and give your tree a luxurious look. You don’t see them from far away, but they add a nice element of surprise when people come close and discover the owl looking out at them!!



You don’t see this little guy until you get up close to the tree! He becomes a wonderful discovery for guests and children. 


Remember to space your ornaments out on the tree to cover as wide a range as possible.  Try not to hang the exact same ornaments near each other.  


Step 3: Add the smaller decorations


Since Christmas is a celebration, I think the tree should have lots of ornaments – it should feel like a wonderful party!  Fill in all the spaces between the large ornaments, and let the them “mingle” with each other.  Always step back to see the overall effect. 



I love the way the stars glisten!!



I chose to hang some birds on branches and others on the decorative picks. 


Tip: Decorate the tree without the lights on.  It will give you a better view of where the decorations are being placed. 


Step 4: Find room for your special/heirloom pieces


We all have ornaments that hold special meaning for us, and I think its important to include them in your tree.  A few years ago I purchased some of the bee ornaments from Joan Rivers. 


Step 5: Enjoy your tree!



Nothing is more magical than sitting back on the sofa and watching your tree glisten.  


Let me know how your holiday decorating is coming along.  Follow me on Facebook and we can continue the conversation there.





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on ‎12-05-2016 04:25 PM

You have created a beautiful tree!

on ‎12-05-2016 04:27 PM

Very nice Alberti,

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on ‎12-05-2016 05:00 PM

Okay, What was step one?



Your tree is beautiful @Alberti_Popaj like everything you show.

Miss seeing you.

Thanks for sharing.






on ‎12-05-2016 05:20 PM
Your tree is beautiful as is everything u do in decor! This blog came just in time, I hv a gazillion boxes and Don't quite know how to place everything. I'm going to follow ur steps and hope for the best. Your tree Should be in a decorating magazine, so pretty! Xo merry Christmas! 🎄🎄🎄💗🎄🎄🎄
on ‎12-05-2016 05:21 PM

My children put the ornaments wherever they wish.  Our tree may not look like it belongs in a Department Store display, but it looks like it belongs in a home,

on ‎12-05-2016 05:49 PM

Your tree is beautiful, but the most beautiful tree has no theme or organization.  It is built with ornaments procured over years, with lots of thought and love thrown in for good measure..

on ‎12-05-2016 06:12 PM

Your Mom taught you well, @Alberti_Popaj!  Heart Your tree looks spectacular and it soo tall!

on ‎12-05-2016 09:45 PM

Your tree is gorgeous Alberti!!! 


We put our tree up this weekend.....My Bethlehem Lights tree that I have now had for 6 years....I treasure my ornaments....they tell the story of my life if I am honest.  I was first married in 1973 -- my mother handmade me a dozen ornaments with sequins of gold, red and green, seed pearls, and gold accents ---I still have those on my tree.  I have collector ornaments from Wizard of Oz, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer movie from gosh back in the 70's 80's made of mercury glass --- and the rest are too numerous to mention -- let's just say I have more than 20 tubs of ornaments --- and each ornament is wrapped in tissue paper and most of the mercury glass and more fragile ornaments are stored in egg crate foam cases.  I let my son set the tree up this year and showed him how to set it up with "vignettes" to tell a story.  My memory is still fairly sharp and I can remember when and where I received many of the ornaments --- many are handmade.  I love the stories -- the memories --- he is 42 hope is that he will share these stories long after I am gone.


on ‎12-06-2016 07:12 AM

It's nice to be perfect!  Do you use a stepladder to get to the top of the tree?  (Good time for a Little Giant plug.)

on ‎12-06-2016 11:02 AM
Beautiful display, like something seen in a store window. Maybe some day when the grandkids are grown, but probably not. As lovely as the ornaments are, I'll never part with my mismatched, homemade the colored and glitter pasta one my now 30 year old made all those years ago!! Maybe two with coordinated decorations and one with memories and love.
on ‎12-06-2016 12:10 PM

Just beautiful! Lots of space for the lovely decorations.

on ‎12-06-2016 09:34 PM

Thank you for sharing all your tips and tricks....I have learned so much from Lisa, Valerie and you about decorating my Tree and my home....I still want to know about those ribbon decorations on your new tree.  I did a White Animal Tree this year....with one of Lisa's famous Bows on the top.  I am still learning.  Smiley Very Happy