DESIGNER vs DIVA: Which is YOUR Fall Style?

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Hello Denim Divas! 
For our latest Denim and Company Designer vs Diva poll, Gary and I want to know which of these two brand new tops is more YOUR Fall style? Are you more of an “Active Comfy” girl (the D&Co Active Hi-Lo hem tunic hoodie) OR a “Dressed up Casual” girl (the Printed Paisley Bell Sleeve Blouse”)??
Here is some info on each top, plus photos we took. Please cast your vote below for the top that most suits your Fall style! We’ll tally up your votes and reveal the winner (and which of US picked which top) on Tuesday, August 28th during our 11am Denim and Company show! Of course, your comments and suggestions are always welcome too! So, tell us...”Which Fall Style are YOU??” 
Thanks for voting and be sure and tune in on Tuesdays at 10 or 11am for your favorite D&Co fashions!! 
Happy Pre-Fall!
Your fellow Denim Diva,
This is a classic Fall wardrobe piece with some fun updates like a snap closure and longer tunic length! It’s done in our popular french terry and features a pullover style, hood, long sleeves and a semi-fitted silhouette, so it’s not too big or boxy. It is offered in beautiful solid colors and is a super cute casual look with jeans, active french terry bottoms or corduroys in the Fall, but perfect as a cozy layering piece year round! It’s done in our customer favorite perfect jersey fabrication and is easy care machine wash/tumble dry. 
This adorable new printed top for Fall is swingy, flirty and easy to wear! It is semi-fitted through the bust, and then flares to a fun flounce below the waist,  so it’s swingy over your jeans and slim leg pants! It is done in a non-clingy, stretchy  poly material that feels like silk, and features a printed paisley pattern, bell sleeves, a V-neckline, and crochet detail. The sleeve and sleeve opening are semi-fitted and this top is also easy care machine wash/tumble dry. What a cute updated top for your Fall looks! 
And the winner is....

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 5.26.33 PM.png

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Both cute and you look fabulous!

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My vote is for the is practical, smart and adorable; but only 4 colors are shown, not good--where is the wine color?  Frankly, I am getting tired and oversaturated with all the bell sleeves, flared, peplum-look, ruffled and/or flounced bottoms on is a childish look that does not enhance anyone's appearance except lean models....who needs all that around their middle and hips? NO on the paisley "little-girl" top!

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Positively the hoodie. Oh how I wish Denim & Co. would do tops in Petite. I'd be loaded with them. Don't care for the other top at all. It's encroaching on, as ScarletDove referred to it, little girl territory. (like that other always on brand with the childish flounces)

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Both are nice but the blouse is not for me, shows roo much of my middle and the ruffle bottem does not work for a short person so my vote is the hoodie

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This was difficult as neither is a 100% winner. I like the print of the top but the hoodie got my vote. As others have said, all the flounces especially at hip are not flattering to most. Too many of the lines at QVC are becoming so similar that it seems they are all cut and finished at the same factories.


D&C needs to bring back the zip front denim/span jeans from back in the day. - mine now have holes in places they should not.


Still love the line in general!

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I normally would prefer something lighter weight than a hoodie for Fall weather. But that second top is just too, too much! Please stop with the overload of ruffles, frills, peplum, and belled sleeves! I do not want to dress like a little girl nor do I want to look garish. I adore D&C for its value and easy wear, but I don’t want to look clownish.
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10:51 AM
I normally would prefer something lighter weight than a hoodie for Fall weather. But that second top is just too, too much! Please stop with the overload of ruffles, frills, peplum, and belled sleeves! I do not want to dress like a little girl nor do I want to look garish. I adore D&C for its value and easy wear, but I don’t want to look clownish.
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I really like the hoodie and I own many of them! Flounce and ruffles are definitely not my style! I love Denim & Co.

and have a closet full and have shopped with QVC since the beginning! I have had a great experience doing so!


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Sorry about the double post. It must be due to operator error!🤪
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I'm not a fan of either:


1. I don't like high/low hems and wearing a hood inside is cumbersome, and an extra piece of fabric we dont need, making it too warm!!! 


2. I HATE PEPBLUM/FLOUNCE tops, they might look cute on XXS or SMALL sizes but for everyone else it looks like a maternity top and hits and draws your eyes on your hips/thighs  which most women dont want to emphasize!!!!  (I dont care what you say it does NOT camouflage or hide it!!!---Im a women and I know!) I am a medium, but BTW the average American woman is a size 16 ---design with these sizes in mind please rather than XXS models!



on ‎08-14-2018 11:34 AM

Stop the peplums, ruffles, hi-low hems, ruffles, etc.  (and cold shoulders also)---they do not look good on everyone as you say.   I'm not a hoodie fan either but in this case, it's the best of both worlds.

on ‎08-14-2018 11:55 AM

I voted for the hoodie but would never buy it. Just did not like the top. Both are too young for me. I understand the young buyers but please remember the older ladies. I would like to see the perfect jersey 95% and 5% spandex come back more. The new blends are just too clingy. Still love denim and company though!!

on ‎08-14-2018 12:35 PM

Definitely the hoodie, even though I really don't like hoodies, this one is quite nice.  Does it come in more colors....perhaps a mustard/gold color?


I'm afraid I have not one positive thing to say about the paisely top.


Still, as always, you & Gary are fabulous!!  I enjoy all your D&C presentations.


Thank you.

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I vote for the sweatshirt.  I have "menopause middle" so don't need anything that accentuates my middle.  I just can't wear any of the peblum tops either.

on ‎08-14-2018 02:03 PM

I like something in both of these. The hoodie is a classic, while the top's colors are nice.


I don't know if I'd buy the hoodie, though. The colors are the same old, same old, why not bring out some of the other colors, like spice orange, spice red, a medium denim blue, the dusty greens, purples, etc. that are found in tops. Plus, it should be in a relaxed version to wear lighter or heavier materials underneath if needed.


I can't do ruffles on the bottom and I don't buy bell sleeves (too difficult to put under a cardigan or jacket and not be bothersome).

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NOT a fan of either! The hoodie would be the best of the two IF the hoodie was removable . . . and IF it was not a high/low hem. Please give us what we want and need!


Sweatshirts? 100% high-quality cotton, no hoods, fitted sleeves, like the opening at the neck . . . nice touch!

Stop with the "little girl looks" such as lace, frills, bows, gathers, high/low hems, florals, prints (we like stripes!), cold shoulders, maxi dresses, and so many other shapeless or ill-fitting things recently added. It's not what your customers want or need. We're women. We want simple, classic styles to drape our curves. 

I own 100% cotton tees from many years ago that have not been worn yet. So glad I purchased several in the same size and colors since QVC is no longer offering the great quality it once did. Nice thick cotton tees which launder well. Almost as nice as pima cotton I've ordered from other places. Would love to have QVC return to those fabulous days of A-55087 quality.


Anxious for your next Denim Deva selection. This was a no-go all the way around.  

on ‎08-14-2018 02:45 PM

I like both styles, but am so sick of those loud, flowery type prints. If you are going to do a print at least do a ditzy type print.

on ‎08-14-2018 02:51 PM

I'm not a fan of either.  The peplums aren't good on hippy gals like me and the tunics lately have been too long on me and I've had to send back as I am short and they look ridiculous on me.    The print is ok just not the syle.

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I like both but the Tunic with hood AKA Hoodie has my voteSmiley Very Happy

on ‎08-14-2018 03:36 PM

A is the winner winner chicken dinner. Both are great tho 🙌

on ‎08-14-2018 03:37 PM

I vote for the hoodie, though I would prefer no hood at all.  I do like the length and it is not a fussy cut.  Would love to see some new colors, especially fall colors; brown, ginger, spice, copper would be fun.  I like the cotton and spandex; please keep away from Modal; it is thin and clings.  I know that designers “out there” are loving Modal, but it is not a flattering fabric unless you have a perfect figure.

on ‎08-14-2018 04:07 PM
I voted for the hoodie but I really don’t like either one especially the blouse I agreed with the other ladies quite awlful some of the prints are terrible
on ‎08-14-2018 04:23 PM

I have a lot of Denim & Co, but I'm picky.  I wouldn't buy either one.  I'm not a fan of hoodies but that gray is a nice color.  I don't like high/low hems.  Compared to the other choice it got my vote.  I'd buy it if it had a straight ribbed jacket hem and cuffs with no hoodie.  The paisley peplum top looks like you're wearing a little girl's dress.  The line in the middle hits the midriff in the wrong place. Please stop making trapeze, high/low, asymmetrical hems.  Smile hems are great.  The cold shoulder should be put to rest too.  I'd like more 'V' necks.  

on ‎08-14-2018 04:29 PM

Sorry...The flounce is unattractive to a full figure...  and the prints are garish...The hoodie is blah.....Neither is a winner

on ‎08-14-2018 05:12 PM

I had a hard time choosing...I really like both!  If I could order even half the things I like, we would have to build on!  I love both styles so please keep them coming.  I do no understand all the negative coments.  A little too hippy are we!?!  I love hoodies and peplums.  I love new styles!!

on ‎08-14-2018 05:26 PM

Hoodie is my pick.  Not a fan of peplum, at least not on me.

on ‎08-14-2018 06:38 PM

I voted for the hoodie. I really like the snaps on it. Also... the pic doesn’t show the other color called Autumn Berry, which looks very nice. I think I’ll order either the Heathered Gray or Autumn Berry.  In my opinion, not many women would be able to wear the flounce top.  That’s a lot of flounce. 😊

on ‎08-14-2018 06:45 PM

Hoodie got my vote, better of the two options.  Would like it better if it had a smile or straight hemline really like the snap closure.  Prefer no hood but you can't have everything.  The other choice, as mom taught me if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all. 

on ‎08-14-2018 08:57 PM

Hi Carolyn and Gary, I always enjoy ur shows. I've been wearing D&C for 12 years -- and enjoy all my clothes. I have a couple of D&C Henleys from the past - probably 8 yrs ago ---- and I just ordered A3127 D&C Henley, 2 pack, in antique purple and antique rose. I find myself ordering multiple colors -- and I enjoy choosing which color to wear each day. These are the clothes I live in as I'm retired and home most of the time. 

on ‎08-15-2018 06:24 PM



on ‎08-15-2018 10:54 PM

 The hoodie for sure.  I do not care for any paisley pattern but even if shirt was different pattern I prefer the hoodie for fall.

on ‎08-15-2018 11:12 PM

I love the hoody. I hope it will come in more colors, red, wine and a dark green would be pretty.

on ‎08-16-2018 04:11 AM
I’m not a fan of the hoodie - the neckline is too high for my taste and the overall style is a bit too frumpy and casual. The bright top is more feminine and more my style - I’m tall so I can pull off the bright, bold print and I like the subtle nod to boho. I think Carolyn looks adorable in it! I wish the prices weren’t so high, I have trouble justifying $50 (after tax and S&H) for a casual top. At $35 I wouldn’t hesitate.
on ‎08-16-2018 09:25 AM

I love Denim & Co, I have probably over 50 pieces in my closet, most of them Heavenly Jersey, greatest fabric ever. I live in Texas, high heat and humidity and only wear natural fabrics and D&C offers plenty of cotton to choose from. I wear a size 12 or 14 depending on the manufacturer, and I think peplums look great, they camouflage some flaws and do not make you look bigger than you are. I have probably over 25 peplum tops and get compliments all the time. Many of the clothes offered on QVC is made from synthetic material, no matter if you call something butter knit or liquid knit, they are all synthetics and do not let your skin breathe. The other designer and stylist offers clothes that have something dangling here and something dangle there, too sloppy and too expensive. These days you can buy Rayon/Span for next to nothing in stores, horrible fabric, clings even though the designer says it does not, sometimes you can see bumps and bulges on the models, even the skinny ones. I am 71 years young and 5'5" tall, work full-time and I like to look good, Denim and Company offers everything I love. Keep up the good work Gary Gobin. I love when Carolyn Gracie and Gary Gobin are on together, they are great and Carolyn shows how good D&C looks on curvy ladies.

I am voting for the peplum top, do not like hoodies.

on ‎08-16-2018 12:02 PM

I voted for the hoodie this designer vs diva.  Didn't really like either one, but thought the hoodie was the better of the two. As other buyers have said, denim & co needs more petites, more choice of colors, & fewer prints.  Bring more dark greens, cranberries & brown shades, please.

on ‎08-16-2018 06:18 PM

I don't like frills ,the bottom one with the frills hit at the wrong place with any one with a bit of a stomach issues.personally for me I like more classic tops .I do like the hoodie goes great with a pair of joggers .The print and frill is just too,too much .

on ‎08-16-2018 07:47 PM

The hoodie for me. Although I love the print on the top, those bell sleeves are just a recipe for disaster for me. I’d be catching everything on them.

on ‎08-17-2018 12:11 AM

I love bell sleeves, always have, but I don't like the flounce.  It doesn't look good on anyone who has a bigger waist and hips.  Also, the paisley print is just too busy on this style but I normally go for printed tops over solid ones.  Take out the flounce and make this top longer then I'd probably buy it if the price was right.  Why have the prices gone up so much for D&Co?  I definitely don't buy as much but its still my favorite brand.


As far as the hoodie goes I don't care for the material so much but I do like that it's a henley style and a pullover.  I prefer it to be a heavier material like fleece which I love wearing in the winter.  


The hoodie is my pick.

on ‎08-19-2018 10:06 PM

Both have issues.  The print has more.  Girlish styling and an unsophisticated print, like most said.  It zoomed right past fun into kindergarten territory.  Who or what is driving these decisions?  It's mind-boggling how there is so much repetition of the unattractive.


And why not do more shirttail hems instead of those ridiculous hi-low hems?  With the shirttail you not only flatter the human shape, making the legs appear longer simply BECAUSE the cut is such that the leg area is more exposed at the side.  In addition, with shirttail you cover both crotch AND behind.  It seems with the hi-lows, the crotch is emphasized.  Why does anyone want that?


At least neither one of these two has the "sharkbite" or "trapeze" hem.  I just don't get why anyone with eyes believes that hemline is at all flattering.  I don't say not to make it a choice, but please don't pretend it makes anyone look better.  


All that being said, I see that you are trying.  And each of you is so very pleasant on air.  But please stop forcing weird clothing shapes on your customers.

on ‎08-20-2018 10:37 AM

Neither works for me. I am very short. If you don't offer petite top options, then peplums don't work for me and neither do tunics. A peplum on me is a butt ruffle and a regular tunic swallows me up and makes it look like I'm a kid wearing my mother's clothes. QVC does a pretty good job of offering pants for petites, I wish you would offer more tops in petites.

on ‎08-21-2018 04:31 PM

I don’t like high-low and ruffles in the sleeves always get in the way.

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Watched the presentation this morning and might I say that both of these items are too expensive for a single item purchase!  And yes, Carolyn, the bell-sleeved, ruffly top is "little girlish" although you said it was not; I would have liked to have seen you wear the hoodie, much more flattering. The hoodie is wonderful and looked great on all the models, but too expensive for me to purchase--besides why only 4 colors?

on ‎08-28-2018 10:08 PM

Both garments were ok,just ok.  The biggest question is...why so expensive?  Neither was very special.  I like both Carolyn and Gary but get a grip on the D&C prices. 

on ‎09-16-2018 09:49 AM

I prefer “A” w/o the hood. But some of the pull over the head garments are getting a little harder to put on.