Community Update Sept 29, 2014

by on ‎09-25-2014 10:01 AM

Happy Fall Everyone!

We hope you are enjoying the change of the season in your area. Here in West Chester, Pennsylvania we are starting to see the leaves change color, daylight get shorter and the weather is definitely getting cooler.

At the end of the summer we announced some changes we were making in the forums (i.e. employees in the forums, remove host bashing posts, etc.).  One topic that received a lot of response was how QVC plans to manage “long standing threads”. After reading the logical reasoning from a variety of Community members, we agree that these threads should be left alone and remain where they currently are located with no immediate or future need to close these discussions.

We also made changes in how unkind posts about QVC hosts are moderated, have you noticed? We would like to know how we are doing on this topic, please take the poll below, and/or comment to the blog to share your feelings about our efforts to reduce unkind posts about QVC hosts.

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