Casting Notice: QVC is Hiring Full-time Program Hosts

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Casting Notice:


QVC is Hiring Full-time Program Hosts


QVC, the leader in video commerce and multiplatform shopping is searching for candidates to be a part of their on-air team as Full-time Program Hosts. To qualify for this role, candidates should have prior hosting experience on television, digital platforms, or live broadcasts.


The ideal host is a masterful storyteller with a passion for shopping and lifestyle products. They should possess a commanding presence along with high credibility and trustworthiness, which allows them to share product knowledge and information genuinely and confidently. Enthusiasm, sincerity, and genuineness are also essential traits for a successful candidate.


Hosts must be quick on their feet and have the ability to engage and entertain their audience, along with an ability to improvise. They should also possess an elevated sense of fashion and inspiring lifestyle while being friendly, warm, and relatable.


The objective of this role is to provide a differentiated shopping experience that is both informative and entertaining. The position requires full-time availability, including overnights and weekends. The job location is situated in West Chester, PA, and candidates should be willing to relocate.


Interested applicants should email a letter of interest with an updated resume accompanied by a photo or headshot and any hosting work's video links to the Casting Director, Sean De Simone at Kindly provide a phone number, email address, as well as your current city and state.

on ‎05-01-2024 09:09 AM

Why not retire a host that was laid off during the past several years??? 

on ‎05-01-2024 09:48 AM

A "masterful storyteller"???!!!! LOL!!!

on ‎05-01-2024 10:22 AM

Wondering if they hope alot of people over 50 yrs old apply??

on ‎05-01-2024 10:26 AM

@Cookkin Probably the Q can't afford them.

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This is much better than the last casting notice which wanted actors and actresses, which QVC hired with less-than-satisfactory results. She seems to be MIA recently! (Fine with me. She's unwatchable.) There are a couple of other hosts who I'd enjoy seeing QVC show them the door due to their loud, obnoxious, behaviors.

on ‎05-01-2024 02:50 PM

Is "masterful storyteller" another way of saying good liar?

on ‎05-01-2024 03:02 PM

How exciting! I have NEVER seen a casting notice, but am glad to see just what qualifications are considered when choosing a candidate!🥰 This has to be a painstaking process. I welcome WHOMEVER they choose.❤


~~~All we need is LOVE💖

on ‎05-01-2024 04:04 PM

I agree, rehire someone that was previously laid off.

on ‎05-03-2024 07:19 PM

I'm sure it'll be one of those hosts that move from shopping channel to shopping channel    They want prior experience.  Some of these can host in their sleep.

‎05-04-2024 02:54 PM - edited ‎05-04-2024 02:55 PM

I  for one am not interested in QVC re-hiring hosts who were laid off.  Just hire hosts interested in making the viewing and shopping experience a pleasant one and not talking about their children non-stop.  Give proper information about the product.  Cater to the customer and not the personal stories of the hosts

on ‎05-05-2024 05:17 PM
Maybe they are cleaning house! They need to do so for sure!
on ‎05-06-2024 11:46 AM

The age of possibilities is your theme.  


Now you said it.


Show us by hiring hosts over 50!

on ‎05-08-2024 01:44 PM

Has anyone else noticed QVC is going downhill?  The new hosts they are hiring are not quality television material......Call me oldfashioned but I don't want to see tatooed arms, nose rings and scraggly greasy hair. There are also a fe new hosts who come across as obnoxious, interrupt the vendors and talk too much about their personal lives.


I limit myself as to who I watch and otherwise swirch channels. I have been a QVC customer since it originated.and the changes in the last 5 years are turning me off.


You need to consider the viewers ages.


on ‎05-29-2024 12:51 AM

Why not bring back Carolyn or Dan? I very seldom watch or buy any longer from QVC...there choices and quality seems to be lacking in my opinion.

on ‎06-03-2024 08:29 PM

I agree the Hosts need to let the vendors talk so they can inform us on the products. Half the time the Host is yapping about nothing to do with the product. There is one host in particular who always has to mention her daughters and how they use the products etc. Well honestly save that for you social  media posts and let the vendors give us all the interesting and informative information so we can buy accordingly and not have to send back our merchandise half the time because it turns out to be not what we wanted! And those who are so cringy---please STOP!

on ‎06-04-2024 12:14 AM
I totally agree with you! I’m tired about hearing of their daughters
‎06-04-2024 09:02 PM - edited ‎06-04-2024 09:06 PM

 I  guess I'm old fashioned too. I agree about hosts keeping it clean appearance-wise.

  I have to turn the channel when the hosts look like members of a heavy metal band.  PLEASE!!

on ‎06-09-2024 11:42 AM

Everyone (hosts and guests) on-air need to keep their hair up and/or tied neatly in back, please!


Customers are tired of the long hair hiding the neckline, collarbone and shoulders when showing clothing and jewelry. The hosts' hair is of zero interest to viewers! In fact, the long hair becomes a tangled mess when in front of a host's face. It's annoying and distractive to watch a host flip it back and forth or manually move it from one side to the other throughout a program.



on ‎06-20-2024 02:03 AM

Tough crowd. 

on ‎06-20-2024 04:03 PM
As someone who used to buy everything but toilet tissue from QVC, I agree that the channel has gone from 5-star to barely 1-star. I never, ever watch it. Just got on here to see if Miss Congeniality got married yet AKA "Look at me!!!" Y'all know who I mean.
on ‎06-20-2024 07:42 PM
Tough crowd is right. I have never seen any host or hostess look like they belong in a heavy metal band . And I like hearing about there daughters , what’s wrong with that? She loves and is proud of her family.
on ‎06-23-2024 12:22 PM

QVC could still do just a little more "house cleaning" with regards to hosts. There's still a few that are just bad.

‎06-25-2024 09:59 PM - edited ‎06-25-2024 10:03 PM

Glad to see new host hiring going on!  Gone are the days customers want "longitudinal relationship" with hosts - it becomes a cult following. I tune into QVC to check out new products or new addition to lines I already buy.  I'm not interested in the host, their family or any crises they may be embroiled in.   My take is hire quality hosts who can connect with customers, sell features and benefits across all product categories. It would force younger hosts to mature and take their job seriously.  I like watching the Kitchen shows and realize David V is but one person, however the replacement hosts for Kitchen shows are in a word - "insufferable" even the product reps/vendors react to their juvenile "schtick".  Someone must have told them clowning around or talking baby talk is a way to cover up incompetencies.