Calling All Gamers!

by QVC Community Team on ‎09-25-2014 02:23 PM

We need your help! We are intrigued by the dedication of the Gamers in the Forums. We’ve noticed how the top played games have been around for several years. You all have inspired us to create a new type of Game for you. Could you help us? We want your help to better understand what you love about playing Games in the Forums. Do you like a challenge? What’s your favorite type of Game to play? Do you like teaching others how to play the Games?

Don’t worry, we are not ending games in the Forums. With your help we want to create a game that your friends and you will enjoy!

We are hoping that you would be willing to complete the survey at your earliest opportunity.

New Game Survey

Let the games begin! 

on ‎06-15-2015 11:14 AM

I personally like a bit of a challenge, but I focus on words games, games with words, listing words from words,,etc. but I like as well playing games where you have to think of things pertaining to the subject as we list them alphabetically, such as: Things you find in hospitals, schools,.etc.

More challenging for me as a female bit I do love is "Parts of A Car". Love Parts of the Human Body, "Parts of a House", etc.

I guess all of these I enjoy because I have to think , be creative, and do it in a reasonable length of time.

I would love something with words and definitions, or something making you think about word deriviatives. etc.

thank you so very much for all you have done for us and all you are considering. We do appreciate and need better help with more games. Thanks, again !Woman HappyHeart Blessings.