A Sign from Heaven

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My Mom loved cardinals. After she passed away, I would sense her near when I would see the beautiful scarlet birds flying by. Once we started chatting on Facebook, I learned that so many people have the same tradition with cardinals. There aren't many cardinals where we live, so when I do see one it is a rare treat. My daughter Deirdre has given me cardinal statues, boxes and jewelry as thoughtful gifts. This year for Christmas she painted me a cardinal scene.



​February 13th was the 25th anniversary of my Mom's welcome into heaven. I was home alone in the afternoon, and it was freezing out. I was wondering if I would see a cardinal, but didn't think so since nothing was stirring outside on this frigid day. I started walking around the house, and went to the windows in the living room where I've seen cardinal before. I saw a flutter of wings, but it was a robin in the tree having a lunch of berries. My Mom liked robins too, but I figured that this wasn't the sign I was looking for!


So I said out loud, "Mom, where are you?" and walked back into the kitchen to do the dishes. I looked up and the sun was shining on the tree in the backyard and for a second I couldn't catch my breath. Sitting in the tree, in a shaft of sunshine, was a cardinal. He stayed on the branch for about 10 minutes. I was crying and snapping photos from several windows since I almost couldn't believe my own eyes.




After sitting there and posing for quite some time, the cardinal flew off the branch, with the sun shining on his feathers. That was the only cardinal, the only bird I saw in our backyard all day. I felt so loved, so grateful, so blessed to have Mom's gentle soul near me on such an important day.


Love never dies, and your loved ones are near you every single day! IMG_4383.JPG


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