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I use and love the ybf brow pencils but have not used the other products offered in the special. Does anyone have reviews on the Chunky Eyeshadow or Lip pencils? Do the eyeshadow pencils crease? Also, how well does the eyeliner hold up? Does it smear or wear off?

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Hi! I also love the eyebrow pencils, and love the chubby lip sticks! They are fabulous! As far as the eye liner and shadows go, I can't tell you because I have never tried them, but I do have her regular eye shadows and they are great, very pigmented. Also use her yellow creme and powder and the illuminizing creme which I just replenished today with a brand new one! I hope that helps a little!
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Like all YBF Products - her powder eyeshadows are very nice, go on smooth and last. Love her eyebrow pencil, yellow powder and primer. Have lots of her products, the eyeshadow sticks are a new item, so no reviews yet. I ordered the TSV - great products, great price.