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?s about eye shadow/liner and concealer for brown eyes

Hi, Smiley Happy


I need some guidance and suggestions for concealer, eye shadow and eye liner. 


My son is getting married in the spring. I am 63 with brown eyes,  fair skin and salt and pepper hair.  


I have VERY SENSITIVE skin, so I found foundation I'm not allergic to. Woohoo! 


What I don't have yet is a concealer for under eye dark circles, an  eye liner or shadow.  


My dress is a medium grey color.   


 I rarely wear makeup anymore.  When I did, it was the mid to late 80s.   So, clearly, I need HELP!  Woman LOL


On the wedding day, makeup will be done by a pro. She's agreed to use my own  makeup, due to my sensitive skin and allergies.  The  last thing I need are hives and breakouts for pictures that day.  


Can anyone make suggestions of brands and or colors to point me in the right direction?   I would very much appreciate it. 



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Re: ?s about eye shadow/liner and concealer for brown eyes

As far as the eyeshadow and eyeliner colors ask the makeup artist what colors you should purchase. 

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Re: ?s about eye shadow/liner and concealer for brown eyes

Do you have an Ulta, where you can go in and get someone to do your makeup and guide you along?  Maybe with your skin, you can't.  Or is there a professional somewhere near where you live that can help?

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Re: ?s about eye shadow/liner and concealer for brown eyes

Almay is a good brand for sensitive eyes. I suggest using an eye primer first since that will help the eye shadow “stick” and prevent any fallout from getting into your eyes. As far as your coloring, I think soft mauves would look pretty with a soft gray eye pencil.

Definitely play with whichever items you choose to make sure you don’t have any reaction and that you like the finished look. Good luck and congrats on your son’s wedding. 😊
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Re: ?s about eye shadow/liner and concealer for brown eyes

@dmod nj Congratulations to you on your son getting married! Maybe stay with the same brand that your foundation is with since that doesn't bother you. Test run everything several times before the big day! I am sure your makeup artist can point you in the right direction and maybe do a trail run for you as far as colors. Enjoy the day!!! 

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Re: ?s about eye shadow/liner and concealer for brown eyes

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@dmod nj  How exciting to have a wedding in your family. Concealer may be available in the same line as your foundation so you know you have no reactions to it. 


I would go easy on the eye makeup since you haven't worn it in decades. You always want to look  like yourself, espcially in photos. I'd choose a light rose tone w/ some shimmer (not sparkles) and dark brown/black liner...a very thin line next to the lashes. Waterproof mascara for potential tears. Eye makeup should be waterproof, too...a shadow stick for shadow would be my suggestion. Keep the eye look simple. If you wear blush (definitely do that for the wedding), choose a pink/rose shade and I'm sure the makeup artist will use a cream blush and set it w/ powder. Add a rosey lip...maybe a bit darker than you'd like...photgrapher's lighting will fade you out. 


I'd definitely contact the MUA and have a trial session so she has whatever you like and need in her kit. The last thing you need is itchy eyes with new products you've never worn.


Enjoy the wedding and a big smile is the best "makeup".

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Re: ?s about eye shadow/liner and concealer for brown eyes

Had to post a reply.  I too have very sensitive skin and very sensitive eyes.  Coincidentally my daughter recently got married and I had my hair and make done professionally.  I was a little nervous but figured I would go for it.  I took my own Urban Decay eye primer but let the makeup artist do everything else.  It was amazing, she used clean brushes and listened to my issues.  My make up was mostly Mac.  It stayed in place from morning until late evening.  I even tried false eyelashes (small ones).   She also used a Mabeline stain on my lips (I bought it the next day).  If the artist lived near me I would use her again in a heartbeat - she made me look younger which was a miracle in itself hahahaha.


My daughter mentioned my concerns ahead of time so I didn't buy any make up.  Like you I am a similar age and don't wear as much make up now.  I use Clinique foundation, blush and concealer, Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes and Benefit mascara.  My way to avoid breakouts is to cleanse and cleanse again.  I use Sephora eye makeup remover, Clinique gentle clenser and rinse my eyes with diluted baby shampoo and water then finish with a warm wet flannel.


So excited for you, I would go with eye color that compliments your eyes - I had beige and plums for my green eyes.  Hope you have a wonderful day, enjoy every minute of it.  

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Re: ?s about eye shadow/liner and concealer for brown eyes

@dmod nj   CONGRATULATIONS on your son's future wedding.   ENJOY the day.  

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Re: ?s about eye shadow/liner and concealer for brown eyes

@dmod nj What brand foundation did you decide on? It may help us recommend a concealer.

Mac has a great line of concealers. Make Up For Ever HD Concealer is also one of my favorites.

Sephora has a great line of eyeliners. 12 Hr Contour Pencil Eyeliner. Endless Night looks like a really dark blue, which looks pretty on brown eyes. Sangria would also be a nice choice for brown eyes & a grey dress.

I don't know if your lash line is still smooth, but I do sometimes use an angled brush to smooth my liner if it skips a bit. My lash line isn't as smooth as it used to be.

I love eyeshadow sticks for a quick look. Every brand has some. ELF has some for $5. They are very nice & you could try a couple of different colors. Rose Gold is always good & I love Magnetic Pull.

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Re: ?s about eye shadow/liner and concealer for brown eyes

I have super sensitive skin and am in your age range. What works for me are"

Laura Geller Kajol eye crayon. It's goes on easy and lasts. I lhave brown eyes and like the charcoal instead of black. There's quite a few shades and I really have found a bad one in the bunch. The plum is nice and looks good on the eye. Not purple or rose. 


Most of the time I dn't bother with eye shadow but when I want something quick then I just swipe a bit of Laura Geller Blush and Brighton across my eye lid. It just smoothes out the eye lid skin color and your eye just looks awake. 


Under the eye has always been a problem area for me. I use the Doll10 under eye concealer. A little goes a long way and it lasts. 


Congratulations! Hope one of these work for you.