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I am very happy with Trilogy rosehip oil.

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@Mom in NY- My previous post had the wrong picture.  Here's the Rose Hip oil - in case you're still looking...


100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil - 30ml

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@Mom in NY




Rosehip oil doesn't have a long shelf life so refrigeration is recommended.

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What do you use Rose Hip Oil for?

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The AUBREY brand (organic, made in U.S.) has been making several Rose Hip Oil products for years.  They're a well-established brand and usually ahead of their time, affordable and CLEAN.

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@PatriciaG  Rosehip Seed oil is just one of the oils I use. I use it on my face alone or mixed with a moisturizer & use it on my neck at night..There are claims that RHS oil contains natures form of Retin- A but with transporting & warm conditions, I do question its claims (possibly small traces or none but it does not replace retin A which I don't use). It also claims to help dimished acne scars (which I do not have) skin conditons such as excema etc. I do not use that oil to seal in my skincare products. I like using it on its own & have for years along with Rose Water. You may want to go on youtube as there are quite a few video's on the benefits of Rosehip Seed oil. I only buy a 1oz bottle as it does have a short shelf life. HTH.