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I wrote her directly on her Facebook and she replied. She is the nicest person!!

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On 1/22/2015 happy housewife said:

I wish they would STOP putting makeup on already made up models and then claim they are only wearing the product being presented. I guess they don't know we have hi def TV now a days and can easily see that the models already have MU on.

- ITA !

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On 1/30/2015 CherryHugs said:

I wrote her directly on her Facebook and she replied. She is the nicest person!!

What did you ask and what did she reply?

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According to the program guide in my magazine Becca Cosmetics was suppose to be on today at 9 AM. I wonder what happened?

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Could you please make you products available without brushes! I have a tun of brushes and I don't need any more just product.
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@suzyQ3 wrote:
On 1/21/2015 GreenEyedGirl said:

Is there harm in using the brush with both the cream and powder products?

I did earlier today, because I saw Jamie do it and she instructed to do it. Plus I watched Hot & Flashy's video and she said the sponge that came with the cream/liquid soaked up too much of the product.

Will using the brush with both harm one or both products or create bacteria somehow?

Thanks for any info.

Just speculating, but I wonder whether, at the least, it might adversely affect the texture of the powder.

I can see maybe using the same brush for both if you wipe it off and make sure it's dry, but that would be a pain compared to just using a separate brush.



This would be the issue for me.  I have very oily skin and I have to wash my powder brushes frequently to keep the oil from getting on the powder.  The surface of the powder will harden and it has to be scraped off.  Very wasteful and messy.