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It's impossible for any host to fit the mold of what everyone wants them to!!!  I'd still like those who are so critical to post their pictures of their perfect hair makeup and clothing then so we would know what perfect looks like!!!

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@Alsee wrote:

I think Jill is adorable just the way she is. 

If she likes herself - that is the important thing. It's nice to have a natural beauty on TV for a change.

Feel exactly the same way.  Nothing fake about Jill!  I'm sure by now, she's aware of what hair style suits her and that's what's important.  Everytime she appears on TV I can't think of any word except "refreshing".

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@Zita wrote:

@sparklestar wrote:

Why do "we" wish for others to style their hair to our liking?  What if someone told you they wish you would update your hair style?

Actually, I'm always open to new opinions and ideas. My hair is straight, short, no body and never looks the way I'd like it to.


Do you like unsolicited advice on your hair or anything else about your appearance?


I think it's rude.

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I really like Jill, I think she looks good with shorter hair. For some reason longer hair just doesn't seem to look that good on her. Her hair style looks a little like Lisa Rinna, who can really use a new hairstyle. It must be hard to find a newer cute style when you have short hair. I think Amy strain looks good in short and long hair. I guess it depends on face and body shape.

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Exactly.  too matronly, but she is really sweet.

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I think Jill is one of the prettiest hosts on the Q with any length hair. I think Jill and Shawn are pretty close in age.  Can you imagine Jill in some of Shawns clothes?  I think they should both move closer to each others taste. I'm sure they are both dying to hear my opinion...NOT. 😁

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I don't see anything wrong with Jill's hair. All that matters is how she wants it. If you saw my hair style now & then you would say the same thing to me. I have always had really long hair until I cut it to my shoulders. It's parted down the middle & has been there for so long that I cannot change it because it just falls back down the middle in place like it has been forever.  LOL!!! It's been like that since 5th grade except I had bangs which eventually grew out so I had one length hair. All I ever do is wash, condition & comb. Never cared about blow drying, curling or using any other hair products most women use. 

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I think she has always looked a little matronly - kinda Midwesternish - but that is probably because she is really conserative in her dress.   I think long hair makes some older women look younger - I dont know why - I guess because they dont give up and get the old "Grandma" short hair.

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I would consider CHANGING it!!!

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oh grow up!!!