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Penn Medicine completed a trial recently on Melasight, a mobile app where melanoma patients could use their cell phones to transmit any new or changing mole or spot to their dermatologist for comparison to their latest body check.  Encryption and privacy protection at both ends of process.  May be useful where there are many spots for comparison.

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Wow, @151949, that was some nerve on that woman's part.  Embrace the freckles.  As you said, they make you, you.  I have a few myself, not as many as when I was a kid or had melasma during my pregnancies, but there are some here and there and yes, they come out more when in the sun.  I never even consider them as a factor when buying foundation and I rarely use a concealer to hide anything.  Don't worry about ignorant comments.  Be you.  Swimming regularly as you are, I bet you're more youthful and fit than many people who are younger in age than you.

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@Shanus@You are right but then again some people need to get the back at you once in awhile.I really hate it when people try to make others uncomfortable in their own skin.

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@dex wrote:

@Shanus@You are right but then again some people need to get the back at you once in awhile.I really hate it when people try to make others uncomfortable in their own skin.




@dex  Just remember it’s their insecurity, not yours. 🤗

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@qualitygal: I do agree with you thatmshe probably wasn't being rude. Thru the years I’ve heard so many women IRL and online say how they hate their freckles.

I love them and never understood why.

Anyway, that woman may have someone or more than one someone...maybe younger women...complain about her freckles and discuss how to cover them.

My youngest who will be 41 soon used to hate hers. Whether she's embraced them or just accepted them she hasn't complained in ages nor does she cover them up.

This woman may just be someone who opens mouth, inserts foot but meaning no harm.

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I cannot imagine anyone being so rude as to tell another woman that there is makeup to cover her freckles. Change your acquaintances..



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Since that "natural redhead dark auburn , actually" is now snow white, the lady probably assumed that the "freckles" were age spots and was trying to be helpful.

Not many women like having "age spots!"

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Let's not over think this. My guess is she was trying to be helpful. So many people hate their freckles so it's good you let her know you don't mind them - and DH loves them too.

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I have my share of them on my face...funny thing is I like them on others, not so much on myself. My own insecurity.  Smiley Sad

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@151949 I am a natural red head, fair skin, and lots of freckles. I think it was my great grandmother who used to say they were the marks of Angel kisses. When I was quite young, I would enter our local (small hometown) fair that held a freckle contest. I won the "cutest" category several years in a row. The ones on my face have dimmed some since my teens when I did slather on some coverage make up (worst years for insecurities😟) but the ones on my arms seem to add more each year. I don't try to cover them or hide them as an adult, since those freckles are part of what makes me, ME.


It is rude to make comments about someone's body, whether it's your figure, skin, clothing choice etc., but remember, those who find unkind things to say probably have their own flaws they try to hide, they just don't think about that when their giving their wise opinions.


Have a great day, and it was nice reading all these posts about my fellow freckled faces out there. ☺