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follow up: still processing? Grrrrrrr!

I called today to see why my order is still processing. My card was pending (though it didn't charge, thankfully because I already paid the bill) after I placed the order, but when talking to the CS, she said the order didn't fully place and they never got it even though I can see it on my order history. I am not in that much of a hurry to get it, so the fact that it is taking longer isn't what frustrates me. What does is that, even though they honored the 30% off, they were sold out of the Candy Cane Scrub and they didn't even offer any other promotions to make up for it (free expedited shipping, extra discount, free small item/deluxe sample). I am still getting the free slow shipping. I just really wanted my candy cane scrub and thought it would be a nice gesture to offer me something extra for all of my hassle and disappointment. I can get it else where, but for full price. I am just really unhappy with how this whole thing went. The CS rep was very friendly, however I was surprised that when I nicely said how disappointed and upset I was, nothing else was done and I still don't get my CC scrub. Plus, the call took forever because I was on hold for a long time. Very disappointed!{#emotions_dlg.crying}