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Re: another haircut --new stylist

@wagirl  I bet your pixie cut look so wonderful on you!  I think that pixie cuts are so elegant Smiley Happy

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Re: another haircut --new stylist

@wagirl That's the saying!!! Ask mine on a rainy. Lol

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Re: another haircut --new stylist


@wagirl wrote:

@Imaoldhippie --for me -there is a 2 week period of time where, after a cut, my hair kind of freaks out and no matter what I do to it-- even the normal stuff I did before, my hair does not obey me and does it's own thing. And then it settles down and I can style it to the new cut. You have never experienced that? I say that alot and get the same nod of agreement. 

This happens to me too.  I have below the shoulder, straight hair.  You'd think having it cut wouldn't affect it much, but it does.  Goes into shock evey single time.  For me it only lasts 4 or 5 days though (thank goodness).  Even when I trim my bangs, those front pieces seem to go into shock.  Very annoying (and peculiar).

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Re: another haircut --new stylist

So glad to hear you got a haircut you like, enjoy.

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Re: another haircut --new stylist

@wagirl  I know what you mean about hating your hair. I'm right there with you! I've never had nice hair. Mine is stick straight and fine in texture. I also have cowlicks in four different places. Luckily I've had the same hairdresser for almost 30 years and she does an excellent job with my cut and highlights.

   I have to say I'm not as bad as I used be as far as my hair goes. Six years ago I lost my very, very good friend to ovarian cancer. Sue was VERY picky about her hair. After many rounds of chemo and radiation, she lost all her hair. I remember her telling me that when her hair grew back in she was no longer going to be a slave to her hair. She said whatever grew back in she was just going to work with it. No more coloring, highlighting, straightening. Her hair grew back pure white and softly wavy. She looked beautiful

   So now when I have a bad hair day (like today), I just go with it and don't let it ruin my day.

    I still miss her everyday.💖

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Re: another haircut --new stylist

@wagirl So glad you finally got a cut you like...I also have sported a pixie for quite some time...Enjoy your new look!!
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Re: another haircut --new stylist

@wagirl ...........No I have never experienced my hair freaking out.  I love getting a haircut or trim because my hair lays so nice after.  I have had bad hair days though.

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Re: another haircut --new stylist

Gosh, I feel I invented the pixie cut. I've had my thin, fine, skimpy hair in a pixie cut for the last 30 years or so. I color and highlight my hair, which makes it thicker. LOVE my cut! It suits me. I do get mine shaved up (#4) the back and sides. The shorter the better I say! Chic! Heart

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Re: another haircut --new stylist

So happy for you.  I too had to get a new person to do my hair.  I'm happy with her. The 1st one I had tried, not so much, but this lady is good. Like it when they listen and discuss if need be.  Good to be heard and not dismissed. 

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Re: another haircut --new stylist



Nothing like a good haircut to lift your spirits. I'm happy for you.