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I don't consider myself naive , actually  i am not very trusting at all , that being said , i do believe that there are honest and people with integrity in the sales industry. I really don't care, but i believe that this particular statement Josie made to be truth. I think it is possible in general to have a product you believe and are proud of and not have to make false statements.

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MW in Iowa I'm not saying your naive or crazy.We all buy what we like. I buy Chuda for $105.00 because I like it. Others compare it to drugstore brands. They probably think I am crazy. I don't care. I like what I like! Always stick to your guns and buy what you like. It's all good. 😄
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Re: Why would Josie

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Have tried a few items in her line.  Wasn't impressed.  All hype IMO.

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@pommom I have returned several of her products.  Once in a while the sales pitch gets me and I order.  I'm sure her products are good, but most haven't worked for me.