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Re: Why is everybody going blonde?

Oh, yeah, I should have included wigs, hairpieces, etc. If it is on my head, I'm owning it for my own personal satisfaction. If others admire it--that's icing on the cake!

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Re: Why is everybody going blonde?

this happened in the 30's when Jean Harlow was an actress. Everyone was copying her hair style and the platium blond hair color. Even eye brows were plucked out and colored in with black pencil a very thin line.


I guess it goes with the flow, you probably get tired of your hair color or style and just to give you a lift change of scenery so to speak you get  your hair cut differently, styled different, even hair color is changed.


I did this when I was in my 30 to my 60's when I just went back to my mousy brown color which is now turning silverish.