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When I got home yesterday I turned on Q and saw a lambskin paddle being sold. Has anyone used these? They look amazing but I would not order the kit of 3 they had on yesterday for  $40. 

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Are you talking about the lambskin foundation/makeup brushes?  I've seen them sold on HSN and in local stores.  I've never tried them myself, but am curious.  I hope someone here gives their opinions on these brushes.

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If you are referring to the ones that Laura Geller sells, they are horrible. I had one years ago and it's much smaller than it appears on air. Also I didn't think it did a very good job.

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@FlowerBear  Do you mean lambskin or lamb's wool?  I had a lamb's wool one...I believe Laura Geller...and it was not worth the money.  Perhaps it was user error, but I will not buy another one.

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Oh pleae don't pay $40 for those paddle brush things-----go to TJ Maxx or AMZ and get them for a tiny price---but in my opinion---they are worthless----

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I think a big fluffy brush swept over the face with a light hand would do the same thing, and you may have one in your stash already.
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Re: Lambskin Paddle

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Years ago, Laura offered the lambswool paddle. She sold an individual paddle, not a trio like now. I was intrigued so I purchased one. 


I love Laura and her products but this is one item I really regretted purchasing. Total waste of money. Yes, it will blend your makeup, but so will a myriad of other brushes for way less money.


IMO, a fluffy makeup brush will work just as well to blend your makeup. A tissue or a cotton ball works just as well to correct makeup mistakes.