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Bare Mineral's Bareskin Foundation. I have Normal/dry skin. This foundation makes my skin look great. You can get a sample at ULTA.
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"Jane Iredale's" make-up is used for weddings.



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I'm not knocking Jane Iredale, but that said lot's of brands of makeup are used by brides.  There is no one definitive go to brand in that area.  Back to terri's question my answer would be you need to make a trip to a Lancome counter.  You say you want matte, and I love Dual Finish Powder (have one it in my makeup case for over 30 years), but I think for photos Lancome's Teint Idole Ultra is a better choice.  Teint Idole gives a more flawless look to the complexion than any powder can accomplish.  It's my dress up special occasion foundation these days.  If your heart is set on a matte finish, you may want to try Nude Miracle (Lancome's lquid to powder foundation).  

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Thanks ya'll for all the great suggestions. I'm going to try the Lancome counter. Went to Sephora and they matched me up with Make Up Forever Ultra HD with Too Faced powder foundation on top. The color match was great but Im not sure I care for the formula and it was lousy reviews.