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We're 97% finished with all we have to do before my surgery tomorrow.

Pretty aqua colored paisley nightgown/house dress and my white Yellowbox sandals with the pearls and diamond-cut stones (that I wore to see Patrick Mahomes).  Lashes and lip tint are out and ready for tomorrow.  Not sure if I'll do any face product or not.   Definitely no perfume but I'll have Replica's On a Date in my bag.  Baby girl pink piggies with my favorite glitter.  Have to shower tonight AND in the morning.  Dogs don't understand why they can't get on my new (and washed) white sheets.  Put on a light weight poofy white comforter too. Why am I so excited about having my knee bone ripped out Smiley Surprised  I'll remind my Dr how fragile/tender I am and maybe he'll be gentle.

Bye everyone.  Don't have too much fun without me.  @JudyL If I don't return, you can have my makeup Smiley Happy 

Adios ladies!

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Take care. I hope your recovery is quick. 

"What we practice daily is what we build a life on. Practice peace, love & kindness."
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Best wishes for a safe and speedy recovery. Update everyone once you are able to but above all else follow the MD's orders and take care.

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Sending well wishes your way, @monicakm.  That surgical prewash cleanser they give you is super drying so make sure you pack some nice body cream for afterwards.

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@monicakm Prayers for your surgery tomorrow ... thinking of you.

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@monicakm   Best wishes for a safe and successful surgery.

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You must be in some real pain to look forward to this surgery.  I'm am sure it will go well and you will be up and at 'em in no time!


Best wishes for a quick recovery.  


My mom had both her knees done (separately) and was glad she did.  I am an exact replica of her and so far (knock wood) no problems with the knees.....

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Good luck! I hope everything goes well!

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@monicakm  Very best wishes to you.Smiley Happy