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Last night on the show, Chaz said he does not use animal products, cruelty free and does not do animal testing on is products. How it that if he sells Boar bristle brushes? I need to know the facts, I love WEN but love animals more... Please help??!!

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And are they biodegradeable which would prevent them from clogging your plumbing?


WEN Hi Betty, thanks for reaching out. The products are not biodegradable, but the containers are recyclable. Thank you. -Crystal, Wen Customer Care

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CD is all over social media.  Why don't you ask him?

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I am guessing you can make boar brushes  without killing the animal  

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Old, dredged up post from 2012. 😒
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Re: WEN-is it cruelty free?

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@kcladyz said "I am guessing you can make boar brushes  without killing the animal "



Yes, they can. Which absolutely can't be said about making a single pair of leather shoes or boots, which are sold on this site, and I do not see posts questioning THIS! Hundreds, thousands of other e-commerce sites are selling leather goods. Plus the stores throughout USA. Those skins come from animals that are definitely killed.

Do you want to continue this discussion incorporating leather goods selling companies? Or maybe just simply leave Chaz Dean and his boar brushes alone for once? Chaz must be really "special" for this Board to single him out, and never leave him alone.