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I was using for about a year and my hair began coming out in clumps! I'm 54. I stopped using Wen about 4-6 months ago and can honestly say my hair no longer falls out in the shower, or when I comb through, finally back to normal. I WOULDNT RECOMMEND WEN TO ANYONE!

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Have been using wen for several years and used all the different scents and in the last year my hair has really thinned out and my hair is all over my house, and in my bathtub. My hair was so thick and my hairdresser noticed the difference as well. Now, my scalp is really dry and I used the wen oil to condition , my scalp was dryer and had flakes. I'm not going to confirm if wen is causing this problem, but I am going to change to something else at this time.
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Wen DOES cause hair loss in a lot of women obviously, or the man would not have been sued!  And the fact that he does not respond to any of these allegations is inexcusable!  If he is innocent of any wrongoing, why does he not respond?!

And for all those ladies who say 'my hair is thick and beautiful when I use Wen and I have no problem, etc.", that's what I said too. And then my hair started noticeably thinning after about a year around the crown and bang area.  It's because your hair is coated with a gunky wax-like substance that makes it look thick and beautiful! Pull up your shower drain and see for yourslef!

P.S.  I have started using Biolage Matrix Cleansing Conditioner on the recommendation of my hairdresser - have had no additional hair loss and I love it (and oh yeah, bonus - half the price).