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I keep trying different ones looking for something really light.  I want some hold so I don't have to keep looking at it.  But I don't want a helmet head.


I have tried WEN and am not impressed.  I have a whole box of them that aren't quite light enough.  The lightest I have found is Carol's Daughter.  It keeps clogging up and I have to clean it with hot water.  But I'd still like lighter.  Would a non aerosol work more for me?


Any recommendations on one?  Thanks.



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I cannot tell you how many hairsprays I have tried. Best one ever, but on the expensive side is Kenra Volume Spray 25.  It holds great but brushes out easily. I have let my hair grow out a bit and don't wash it daily so it is imperative to have a spray that is not sticky or as you said, causes helmet head. Most of the walk in salons carry it such as Smart Style and one salon inside of Walmart. Large can is $21.99 but always a buy one get one half sale going on.


Sally's carries a dupe for $8.99 but I find it is not the same and makes my hair feel dirty and second day hair is hard to pull off.



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Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine

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If you are looking  for a light hair spray the best one I have found is Angel Wings by Nick Chavez.

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Dov emakes a nice light hair spray. 

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Kenra 13 medium hold.  It's pretty light and not at all stiff.  I get it at Ulta - it's often on sale and you can use coupons.   I don't like aerosols.... they are always to sticky for me and clog up.


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If you are looking  for a light hair spray the best one I have found is Angel Wings by Nick Chavez.


I agree, Angel Wings has been my hair spray of choice for (probably) 15 years.


It drives me crazy the way these cans clog.  I have tossed more almost full cans that there was absolutely no way the hair spray was ever coming out.  Recently I tossed 2 clogged cans of Moroccanoil hair spray.  Neither had worked in years.  I guess I thought the hair spray fairy would sneak into my linen closet and wave her magic wand.

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I've been using the Nick Chavez Velvet Mesquite hairspray for a year now.  I never thought I'd spend more than a couple dollars on hair spray, but I got this in a kit and ended up loving it so much I went on A/D for it alone!  


Light, but excellent hold.  

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As you may have seen on the  "Outfit of..." thread, I have layered long hair.  My spray is very light and brushes out so I don't have to wash it everytime I turn around.


Love ISO DailyShaping Spray.  My former hairdresser used it and I ordered it.  Extremely light scent. Availiable on amazon and many other sites.  I order it from Beauty Secrets. I find this easier than going through hundreds of yucky products and wasteing money.



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BlowPro's Blow Back Time - an extremely light anti-aging density spray.  Intended for use on dry hair as a volumizer (by lifting small sections and spraying from underneath) as well as a finishing spray.  Extremely lightweight, undetectable to the touch.  I highly recommend for fine hair - light hold with all the movement.