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Re: Vegan Skin Care Coming Soon

On 11/29/2014 magemay said:
On 11/29/2014 suzyQ3 said:

Sorry, but I think it sounds like a gimmick.

I'm sure that I might be using some products that are not totally "vegan," but I'm not vegan either, so I'm not going to worry about it.

< gimmick
an ingenious or novel device, scheme, or stratagem, especially one designed to attract attention or increase appeal.
a concealed, usually devious aspect or feature of something, as a planor deal:
An offer that good must have a gimmick in it somewhere.
a hidden mechanical device by which a magician works a trick or agambler controls a game of chance.
Electronics Informal. a capacitor formed by intertwining two insulatedwires.
verb (used with object)
to equip or embellish with unnecessary features, especially in order toincrease salability, acceptance, etc. (often followed by up):
to gimmick up a sports car with chrome and racing stripes.
verb (used without object)
to resort to gimmickry, especially habitually.
We can agree to disagree, suzy, because I don't believe that the label of the term gimmick applies to the topic.

IMO, the very first definition describes what I mean by "gimmick." I don't fault her or anyone else for trying to stand out in a sea of players all vying for customers.

That said, the "vegan" label doesn't in particular make me excited or interested in the products.

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Re: Vegan Skin Care Coming Soon

Okay, suzy. Taken at your word.

I'm sure you have a really good idea of how a word like that can fall way to misinterpretations and implications. I know I have to keep check of the words I choose to use.

Glad I posted so you were able to explain.

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Re: Vegan Skin Care Coming Soon

It's hard (where I live) to find a good Vegan product - like lipstick, blush etc. that contains NO animal ingredients.

Years ago Clarins was advertising 'no animal ingredients' - yet 'carmine' was listed (anything in any shade of red most likely uses carmine - aka cochineal extract. (also used in juices, candies, other food, ice creams, etc.) They are 'dried crushed beetle bodies'........

When I brought it up to them I was told the carmine was 'a small concentration' so they could list is as being 'animal free' when it was not.

We'll see what this line has.


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Re: Vegan Skin Care Coming Soon

true, Although lactic acid can be plant-based!